Math and Movement at Latest SAIL Parent Academy

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ROXBURY, NJ (April 16, 2019) – Learning math has never been more fun at Roxbury’s last Student Academic Intervention and Learning (SAIL) Parent Academy of the school year on April 4th at Nixon School for Franklin and Nixon families.

Over 165 parents and children from Franklin and Nixon School turned out for a hot meal prepared by Maschio’s, Roxbury’s food service provider and a night of math and movement for a Family Fun Night.

Riggins explains Clock Hop Station
Kristina Holsman with student on Skip Counting by 3s
Bellardino with Alex Seipp
Jemima at the Factor Fun Station
Marzocca and Tarleton
Anthony Maxwell celebrates with Julieth
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Following dinner, the families headed to the gymnasium to rotate through various math stations to engage in fun and educational kinesthetic math activities.

Each student was given a program guide and workbook to travel to the various mats. With the help of district staff members, families took their program guides and found new ways to practice math by hopping and skipping through the math mats. Individual stations included math and movement mats, skip counting, clocks, shapes, and coins.

Kelly Freund, SAIL program coordinator and Franklin and Nixon technology teacher, shared that the district has already purchased a few of these mats and they are beginning to be implemented to help support the district’s math curriculum.

Adding, “Ann Martini, the Physical Education teacher at Nixon School will actually be using these mats in the coming weeks to help reinforce the curriculum with her students.”

To help the learning continue at home, each family received a math take-away kit to help reinforce math and movement with a skip count activity guide.

The Math and Movement Family Fun Night was a high energy math event brought to Franklin and Nixon families as a Title I event. These families are afforded this opportunity through Title I funding which is based on the number of students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch programs.

The district’s purpose of holding SAIL Parent Academies is to educate parents on the things going on in their child’s elementary school and education. These academies were designed to make parents feel comfortable and welcome in their child’s school and to provide help for them in the easiest and most convenient ways possible. The district strives to remove any possible obstacles from participating including having translator services available for our non-English speaking families, free childcare for not just the child in the elementary school but for any age, as well as providing a hot meal.

Freund said, “The SAIL Academies are helping us to bridge the gap between home and school. Every time we have another event more families show up and we even have many families that make sure they come to all four events each year.”

PHOTO ATTACHED (courtesy of Roxbury Schools)

  • Hailey Mahoney – Triangle

  • Luke Tricarico – The Three

  • Courtney Graf – Woven Bowls

  • Abigail Ellison – Bowls

  • Gavin Ludwig – Human Foam

  • Christina Kalavriziotis – Life of a Rose

  • Mackenzie Smith – If the Shoe Fits

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