Living up to the “Cultural Center” in their location name, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation just announced the three following three new educational programs, that will be held at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Environmental & Cultural Center.

Residents of the Lake Hopatcong area are very accustomed to the wide variety of ongoing events from the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF), but we never really understand everything this small team of superstars and volunteers accomplish throughout the year, as they publish the reflections for the year.

In the summer of 2019 while Lake Hopatcong was under attack from the Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs), Assembly Women BettyLou DeCroce rushed to support our area through her attendance of the local meetings, and creation of bill A-5763 that sought to bring the monies necessary to fight the HABs.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is seeking applications for $6 million in grants for projects related to lakes and harmful algal bloom (HAB) management, including treatment and prevention demonstration projects as well as water quality restoration through prevention and mitigation of nonpoint source pollution (NPS). This is being done via two (2) Request for Proposals (RFP).

Since 2015, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation education team of staff and volunteers have been holding spring field trips for local students to learn about the lake and how to keep it healthy. In line with these lessons, volunteers Dorothy Sabarese and Pat Mueller began working on a children’s book, geared toward 4th and 5th graders (the same age as the students on our field trips).

High Point N-Trak, representing The Sussex County Railroad Club, will be presenting a model railroad exhibit in December at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Environmental & Cultural Center, 125 Landing Road, Landing, NJ.

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