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The Lake Hopatcong Commission (LHC) meeting that took place on June 14, 2021, held several important pieces of information for the greater lake community that you need to know.

We encourage readers to watch the full video to gather all of the information beyond our brief summary.

What you need to know:

  • Weekend boaters in Byram Cove have created multiple complaints that have attracted the attention of the State Police, and the Mayor of Hopatcong.
  • NJ DEP is behind in funding the LHC for the 3rd quarter that was due 03/2021. They have indicated that both the 3rd and 4th quarters will be paid shortly.
  • Members from Weldon Quarry met with the LHC to discuss their settlement offer.
  • The $10M funding for lakes has passed the NJ Senate and is in the NJ Assembly right now and is expected to pass. When the monies are available, it can only be used for special projects based upon grant requests.
  • The health of the lake regarding HABs has gotten better with the recent cooler weather (see more information below).
  • The LHC will be taking on the Weed Harvesting after the DEP backed out, and no other bids were received (see more information below).
  • Mayor Michael Frances and John Tucci, CEO, and Founder of EverBlue Lake Systems spoke on a new technology they are seeking approval on for Crescent Cove.

Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs):

 According to Fred S. Lubnow, Ph. D, Director of Aquatic Programs at Princeton Hydro as Lake Hopatcong hit the first hot spell earlier this year, HABs started to appear but quickly receded as the weather cooled. The surface cyanobacteria count is only 2,000 (very low), and testing at mid-depth shows levels of 30,000 (mid-level) in June.  

When questioned about the heavy rains we have had this year being similar to 2019, Fred Lubnow replied.

“With the early rains we started to see a similar pattern that occurred in 2019, and with the weekend of really hot weather, we observed the start of the HABs, which decreased quickly as the cooler set in we saw a drop in HABs and cyanobacteria count. I was uneasy in early June, but as the month progresses with no hot weather in the forecast for the next 10 days, I feel a little better.”

Lake Hopatcong Weed Harvesting:

 The LHC took an hour-long executive session in the middle of the meeting to discuss several issues, after returning they announced that the LHC is now solely in charge of the Weed Harvesting and that they will form a special committee within to help understand the costs to employ, train and operate the weed harvesters on the lake. While they hope to form the committee quickly, there is no estimation on when they can get started.  


Update on Crescent Cove:

Mayor Michael Frances and John Tucci, CEO, and Founder of EverBlue Lake Systems spoke to the second phase of treatment that is needed this year, And they are focusing on a new AQUOM product called GeoPro which is a Nature-Based Catalytic Solutions Restoring Health to Water.


AquOm technology is a balanced, all-natural approach to attracting and binding up nitrogen, ammonia, and phosphorous to facilitate the process of clarifying water systems.

In addition to binding to nutrients, AquOm products successfully used in Florida reduce suspended solids (turbidity) as a whole. This is an important function for allowing aquatic plants and organisms to receive light in order to perform their natural functions.

John Tucci, CEO, and Founder of EverBlue Lake Systems spoke to this being a new promising product, which they are willing to implement at a reduced cost to help prove the technology.

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