Lake Hopatcong Experts included on New Jersey HAB Expert Team

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Lake Hopatcong Foundation Chairman Martin Kane just released the new members of the Statewide HAB Expert Team, which luckily includes Dr. Fred Lubnow from Princeton Hydro who has studied our Lake for the last 20+ years.

The State of New Jersey has recruited a team of lakes management and harmful algal bloom (HAB) experts to address a condition that has plagued numerous lakes in New Jersey and throughout the US.  A HAB, like the one that struck Lake Hopatcong in 2019, is a rapid growth of algae or cyanobacteria that potentially can cause harm to people, animals, and the local ecology. As witnessed at Lake George this past fall, it is a very serious threat facing all recreational lakes.  

“Of the ten team members it is great to see three that are very familiar at Lake Hopatcong – long-time Lake Hopatcong expert and Director of Aquatics Programs at Princeton Hydro, Dr. Fred Lubnow; nationally recognized lake expert, founder of Princeton Hydro, and now lake consultant Dr. Steve Souza; and Dr. Meiyin Wu, professor at Montclair State who worked with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation on a project a few years back.  This is another positive move in the many-faceted approach to HABs and we look forward to the fruits of their labor.” Stated Martin Kane.

BIO of Fred S. Lubnow, PhD:

croppedimage266266 FredLubnow2Fred’s areas of expertise include aquatic and watershed management, restoration ecology, community and ecosystem ecology, and the use of benthic macroinvertebrate and fish in-stream bioassessment protocols. Dr. Lubnow is Princeton Hydro’s Director of Aquatics Programs and, as such, manages a variety of lake and watershed restoration projects.

His experience in lake and reservoir restoration includes the design and implementation of dredging, aeration, chemical control of nuisance species, nutrient inactivation (i.e. alum) and biomanipulation. His experience in watershed restoration includes the design and implementation of structural Best Management Practices (BMPs), the development of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) pollutant budgets, and the design, implementation and analysis of watershed-based monitoring programs.

The HAB Expert Team’s primary objective will be to provide guidance to New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection on ways to prevent HABs as well as how to mitigate their impacts.  The team will develop guidance documents and a training program for lake managers and stakeholders in New Jersey, specifically the best management practices for the prevention and management of HABs.

The team will review a wide range of proposed mitigation technologies as well as the progress of DEP-funded HAB mitigation efforts such as the numerous demonstration projects currently ongoing at Lake Hopatcong. 

HAB Expert Team Members:

Jason Adolf, Monmouth University

Chris Doyle, Naiad Consultants

Nicole Fahrenfeld, Rutgers University

Jennifer Graham, USGS

Bob Kortman, Ecosystem Consulting Service

Fred Lubnow, Princeton Hydro

Ling Ren, George Mason University

Nathan Ruhl, Rowan University

Steve Souza, Clean Waters Consulting

Meiyin Wu, Montclair State University



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