Lake Hopatcong Commission [12/07/2020] – New Harvesting Vendor in 2021 & More

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The following provides the recap of the December 7, 2020, meeting of the Lake Hopatcong Commission (LHC) that was held by Zoom. We encourage our readers to watch the full video for details.

What you Need to Know:

  • Proposed Changes to Lake Levels (See Separate Article)

  • Proposal for $100M to Accelerate Storm Water Projects (See Separate Article)

  • LHC looking for new Harvesting Vendor -vs- using the DEP next year

  • LHC will continue to target Land Use Board applications that do not include runoff and impervious surfaces.

Financial Update:

The majority of the bills were grant-related and the LHC was only responsible for a small portion of the bills. $310.000+ in the Bank at this point of the year.

Chairman’s Report:

  • The LHC is seeking another alternative to Weed Harvesting by using the DEP for the year 2021. Selected vendors must have their manpower, insurance, and logistics, and may be able to use the LHC fleet of harvesters on the lake. A preliminary report from LHC due in January 2021.

Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) Report:

  • The LHF held a meeting with the new Public Lakes Alliance of NJ, which is the first step in gaining additional State and Federal funding.
  • The next meeting of the Mayor’s meeting will be held with the DEP
  • A coalition of the Delaware Water Shed named lakes as one of their five top priority for 2021. Looking forward to getting lakes as part of the Governors funding budget
  • The LHF floating Classroom will be on the lake in 2021
  • The LHF is working with the four towns on the current and future extension of trails around the lake. Including extending the Liffy Island Trails
  • Spoke about expanding the island in Landing Channel, and the possibility of using drudged areas of Landing into increasing the size of the island

Princeton Hydro Update:

Update on the HAB Grants

  • Started to work on the Year-end report for the HAB grant.
  • Working with both the Borough of Hopatcong and a contractor to clean out the Aqua-Filters and install the Biochar sleeves.
  • Still need to conduct one more stormwater monitoring event at the two stormwater pond locations where Biochar was installed
  • Installed two of the three near-shore aeration systems. The third aeration system, a Nanobubble system at the Mt. Arlington Municipal Beach, will be installed in late winter / early spring of 2021. The effectiveness of all three will be monitored in 2021.
  • Will continue to treat Ashley Cove with PhosLock in 2021 and monitor.

Quarry Cove

  • Put together a Scope of Work and Budget for the dredging of Quarry Cove for submission of potential NJDEP Supplemental Environmental Program (SEP) funding.
  • Two scenarios were developed for the proposed dredging, both focusing on the 5.9-acre area known as “Quarry Cove.” The first scenario was to remove the amount of unconsolidated material that has accumulated in the cove over the last 5 years. The second scenario is to remove all of the unconsolidated material from the cove (approximately 37,500 cubic yards).

Activities for 2021

  • The 2020 Year-End Water Quality Report will be submitted to the Commission in January 2021
  • Working on finalizing the contract between the Commission and NJDEP for the 319-grant.
  • Working on finalizing the contract between Mt. Arlington and Princeton Hydro for the development of the Beach and Park Restoration Plan.
  • Working on two proposals to be submitted to the NJ Highland Councils for the survey work and engineering designs for Witten Park and three streambank projects
  • Will provide the Commission with contracts for 2021 for water quality monitoring, cyanotoxin monitoring, and general consulting.
  • Crescent Cove (Station #3) and the Landing Channel station. We will continue to collect fluoroprobe readings of chlorophyll-a and phycocyanin to further develop the relationship between cyanobacteria cell counts and readings of phycocyanin.
  • In addition to the water quality and cyanotoxin monitoring, the Commission may want to consider conducting some limited aquatic plant monitoring in the lake in 2021.

Other Notes from the Meeting:

  • Floating Islands are being moved to areas for full sun so that the plants can thrive better (Ashley Cove). There will two additional Islands added to Landing Channel for a total of four floating islands by 2021 as part of a 319 grant
  • Ensuring that everyone around the lake is on sewers could remove 80% of the phosphate in Lake Hopatcong. That being said, we also want to ensure that we also handle the Storm Water Management that stops other pollutants from flowing into Lake Hopatcong
  • Septic’s at the Lake Hopatcong Park is still under development


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