Crescent Cove Moves Closer to Important Stage Two of Important HAB Fight

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Mayor Michael Frances of the Borough of Hopatcong continues to champion Crescent Cove. Which has been called “highly impaired area, within a moderately impaired lake system.” As he approached the Lake Hopatcong Commission during their standard meeting on August 10, 2020.

Lake Hopatcong Commission – Ends up Supporting Local Municipality

After a very lengthy debate among the board members (see video) where the opinions of the commissioners ranged from… “why should we help a Municipality?”, to “we really want to work with our four towns as a team!” To ensure we have a good relationship in the future ask if like-kind services if necessary was discussed in great depth for 34 minutes.

The real assistance during the debate came from Dr. Fred Lubnow PhD from Princeton Hydro, who stated he was aware of the technology, knew nothing negative that would happen from the treatment, and it would most likely provide a positive step forward for the worst area of the lake.

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The overall Commission at the end of the debate voted unanimously to fund $12,000 (1/2) of the requested $21,000 for the Crescent Cove treatment.

Letter from Mayor of Hopatcong to Hopatcong Lake Commission:

Pictures of Crescent Cove this Morning from Docks
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We are pleased to offer this proposal for BioBlast Treatment for Crescent Cove as the second critical component of improving water quality and preventing HAB’s in Crescent Cove.

The BioBlast Treatment is specifically designed to work with our Aeration Technology to clean the water of the fertilizers and nutrients that feed harmful algal blooms.


Situation Review

Crescent Cove is already benefitting from the addition of the Aeration System installed by EverBlue Lakes in late July of 2020. However, Aeration has never been considered or positioned as a “quick fix” for Crescent Cove. It takes time, sometimes multiple seasons for aeration technology to shift the underlying conditions in a treatment area sufficiently to keep a water body “safe” from HAB’s. In some cases, if the external loading is severe enough, aeration alone may never completely ensure that HAB’s do not occur in a treated area.

Based on nearly 15 years’ experience and documented results, EverBlue has been continually innovating tools and strategies to work with aeration to accelerate results and provide a higher level of certainty of HAB prevention.

Our BioBlast Treatment program is the most effective and environmentally sustainable method developed to date for preventing HAB’s in impaired waterways. It has been designed to work in concert with aeration to accelerate the reduction in in-lake fertilizers that fuel algae growth. BioBlast was recommended for Crescent Cove based on our analysis of the data as part of the original proposal for the restoration of Crescent Cove.

While we are pleased with the initial results from aeration. We understand that expectations are very high as we enter the height of the HAB season for Lake Hopatcong. We are confident that this proposal for BioBlast Treatment for Crescent Cove will keep the area clean and safe of toxic HAB’s for the remainder of the 2020 season.

What is BioBlast?

BioBlastGoodStuffBioBlast is a natural non-toxic treatment that consumes the fertilizers in the water that feed the algae bloom. It works with the aeration and consists of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that we grow out at the lake and apply by boat in the treatment area. Similar Biological Treatment Products have been utilized in public lakes all across New Jersey. Our understanding is that their use has been deemed permissible under the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection without the need for a special permit as long the products used follow EPA guidelines for labeling and claims. We are making no pesticidal claims with our BioBlast Product. It is like a probiotic treatment for the lake. There are no swimming or watering restrictions with BioBlast Treatment.

Beneficial microbial formulations have been available and used in lakes and ponds for decades. These products are designed and intended to clean the water of nutrients and micronutrients particularly carbon, multiple forms of nitrogen and to a lesser degree soluble reactive phosphorus. The science and application of these products is well established as part of their wide-spread use in wastewater treatment.

However, two primary impediments have prevented these products from achieving widespread success in large lakes:

  • Scalability – The amount of product required to achieve sustained benefit in open water bodies – particularly large lakes has proven cost-prohibitive for most lake communities.
  • Activation – It is well known that blue-green algal species have an arsenal of competitive chemical defense mechanisms that give them a competitive advantage in achieving and sustaining dominance in a water body. Conventional Biological Treatment products consist of freeze-dried powders, pellets or concentrated liquids. All these products rely on activation in the water body in order to proliferate and be effective at reducing in-lake nutrients and preventing HABs.

    To maintain their competitive advantage blue-green algae deploy their toxins to prevent as these off-the-shelf products attempt to activate in the lake, killing them off before they can multiply benefit the lake.

We believe that this is the reason for wildly inconsistent results with off-the-shelf Biological Treatment Products. Our BioBlast process overcomes this limitation by activating and growing out the formulation in a controlled, optimal environment before deployment into the lake. This puts trillions upon trillions more activated “fighters” into the game negating the competitive advantage of blue-green algae in the water body.

Bio Blast Tanks

EverBlue Lakes proprietary BioBlast Process eliminates the impediments to Biological Treatment of large lakes. Our process utilizes an on-site “brewing process” to pre-activate large volumes of Biological Treatment at a very low cost.

The BioBlast formulation used in our process contains hundreds of strains of beneficial microbes. Using Crescent Cove water to “brew” the treatment activates a customized blend of organisms that are perfectly tuned to the chemistry and nutrient conditions of your lake.

The net result is exponentially more of the right blend of beneficial microbes than off-the shelf biological products.

Associated Risks

  • There is virtually no risk of damage to the eco-system, people, pets, or wildlife with this BioBlast. The products deployed are safe and effective. EverBlue Lakes is fully insured and carries Pollution Control Coverage in addition to our General Liability Coverage. We have never had a claim under either policy for damage to a waterway or any other claim of liability against EverBlue Lakes or our registered “S” Corporation Lake Savers, LLC.
  • We are confident that we will deliver the expected results, but we cannot offer a 100% guarantee. The main variable is the influence of the flow of water and algae into the treatment area from the rest of the lake. We believe that our plan compensates for this variable, but we cannot be 100% sure.
  • We cannot predict how long the treatment impact will last. However, we would anticipate the benefits to last several weeks depending again upon conditions outside of the treatment area and the rate of influx of new water/algae from outside the treatment area.

Performance Guarantee

While we cannot provide a 100% Guarantee of results, we are willing to offer a credit toward future services of 50% of our fees for additional BioBlast Treatments.

We are recommending two BioBlast Treatments for Crescent Cove. We will offer a discounted price for two treatments. It is possible that only one treatment will be needed to keep Crescent Cove clear for the rest of the 2020 season.

You are under no obligation to apply a second treatment. We will extend the discounted price for

the second treatment through June 15 of 202


  • EverBlue will conduct the following tests before, during (at the end of the treatment week) and 10 days following the conclusion of the treatment.
  • Mid-water column water tests for phosphorus, nitrate, nitrites, and ammonia nitrogen.
  • Dissolved oxygen at four locations top/middle/bottom.
  • Algal community analysis at four locations.
  • % Organic Sediment Testing (we do not expect this to change during the testing period, but it is good data to have for future reference.

BioBlast in Sampling Sites

We Request That The Borough of Hopatcong Provide

  • A staging area for the tanks, equipment, and personnel for the duration of the treatment. The Crescent Cove Beach Club would be the ideal location.
  • Communication to residents in the Crescent Cove area alerting them to the treatment and requesting access to any lakefront areas accessible by truck and up to 100 feet of discharge hose for treatment by truck.
  • Communication to residents to request any resident with a shoreline circulator, de-icer, or aerator to turn those units on for the duration of the treatment and beyond.
  • Power at the designated staging location to operate a 1 HP portable aerator for aerating the “brew tanks”. This unit runs on a standard 110 volt, 15 amp circuit.

Treatment Cost

EverBlue Lakes will provide all material, equipment, and labor to support the treatment as described. All travel and related expenses are included in our fee.

Treatment Cost:

  • Three-day BioBlast Treatment for Crescent Cove $13,350
  • Discount for two treatments @ 20% -$2670
  • Cost per treatment under this proposal $10,680
  • Total cost for two treatments $21,360


Performance Guarantee

Should we fail to meet the following expected results,

  • Clearing of visible blue-green algae scums at the surface within 5- 7 days.
  • Reduction of cell counts to below the standard of 20,000 cells per ml within 5 – 10 days.
  • Reduction of cyanotoxins to below threshold levels.

There may also be a need for localized aeration systems in hydrologically isolated areas of the lake like Crescent Cove. At the same time, we recognize the need for immediate action and we are confident that the plan outlined in this document will prove to the Lake Hopatcong Community, the State and associated stakeholders that EverBlue Lakes natural in-lake solutions can improve water quality and prevent harmful algal blooms.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this solution. We look forward to working with you for the betterment of beautiful Lake Hopatcong.

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