LHF gets our Lake Conditions Right – Currently Just a Watch – Out of Town Reporting Incorrect

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Recently we had an out-of-town paper glue together several unrelated facts and painted the picture that Lake Hopatcong was almost closed due to Harmful Algae Blooms.

Lucky, one of the two most expert organizations the Lake Hopatcong Foundation) lake clarifies the situation in the following article.

LHF: HAB watch at three beaches on Lake Hopatcong

Based upon the DEP website, here is what has been reported and what it means.

LH HAB Map 08 02 2020                         Click to EnlargeAll of the Green Dots on the map tested negative for HABs.

The Blue Dots show where low levels have been found, and now below we have compared what was found vs last year at this time. Remember under the new DEP standards, these are just “be careful” watches.

Testing Area

2019 Report at this Time

2020 Report

Lake Forest Beach



Mt Arlington Beach



Hopatcong State park beach




You can easily see that the levels on average are much lower in the only three areas with HABs, in addition the DEP developed a much different standard for this year that goes to 100,000 when it is a real problem.

HAB Alert Index Page 1                                                             Click to Enlarge


So out-of-town newspapers, please stop the Lake Hopatcong is Closed coverage, we are doing just fine… Thank You…


Reminder: Learn Important Facts on the Health of Lake Hopatcong – Leading Expert provides Educational Webinar

If you have been following the Lake Hopatcong Commissions work, or any of the current Lake Hopatcong projects than the name of Dr. Fred Lubnow should be a familiar name, along with his fun presentation style that makes learning scientific facts, fun exciting and easy to learn. We mean the utmost respect to Dr. Lubnow as we compare his very effective presentation style to somewhere between Jim Carrey and Robin Williams.

Event Information:

Pregram 4 squareTopic: ‘Thirst for Knowledge’ - Lake Hopatcong Water Quality Monitoring Results: A Look Back and What’s Happening in 2020

Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020

Time: 12:30 PM

Registration: Register for Webinar

Sponsor: Lake Hopatcong Foundation - “Thirst for Knowledge” lunch-and-learn webinar series

After this Webinar, you are sure to walk away with the facts of what’s happening, why, and most importantly what’s being done to improve Lake Hopatcong.

Overview of Webinar:

Fourth presentation in our “Thirst for Knowledge” lunch-and-learn webinar series, "Lake Hopatcong Water Quality Monitoring Results: A Look-Back and What’s Happening in 2020” hosted by Dr. Fred Lubnow, Limnologist and Director of Aquatic Resources at Princeton Hydro

Princeton Hydro has been conducting water quality monitoring on Lake Hopatcong since 2001.  Learn why Princeton Hydro monitors the lake for total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, pH, water clarity, nitrogen, chlorophyll a, and more. Dr. Lubnow will review long-term monitoring results and also discuss the Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) monitoring being conducted. 


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