Earth Day Celebration – What is being done for Lake Hopatcong?

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As our current attention is pulled away for many different reasons, it is important to remember today is Earth Day, the day we celebrate the ball of rock and water that provides our very existence within the universe.

What better way for the local residents of Hopatcong Lake to celebrate this day is to pay attention to mother nature, and see if there any way we can do to help her along the way… This article focuses on what’s currently underway for the improvement of the "honey waters of many coves."

lenapi chief lapowinsa aHopatcong Lake Meaning: from Lenni Lenape Indian word of Huppakong meaning "honey waters of many coves"

By luck, the local residents have multiple extraordinarily strong teams as in Lake Hopatcong Foundation, Lake Hopatcong Commission, and the Local Mayors that continue to fight for the very best for our lake called Hopatcong (Huppakong).

Here is a Short Overview of the Positive Things happening for our honey waters of many coves...

Crescent Cove Project: Mayor of Hopatcong

LHC 12 09 2019 Mayor MovieHopatcong Mayor, Michael Francis can always be counted on to fight for the lake, as he proposed his own project to fight harmful algae blooms through requesting a grant from NJ DEP for Crescent Cove on Lake Hopatcong. The Mayor investigated his proposed solution through onsite visits to other lakes and filed his own grant request without cost to the taxpayers.

“Business cannot afford another year like last year… We need to move forward” – Mayor Michael Francis

The Mayor has received the grant for $145,000 (half of the submitted amount) to install Nanobubble aeration, which is a new technology designed to naturally control algae by increasing the oxygen in the water. On-shore generators will produce nanobubbles that are ultra-fine (400 times smaller than a human hair) that will remain within the water column for extended periods of time, providing oxygenation and algae control.

Proposed Diagram for Crescent Cove:

Crescent Cove Project

Lake Hopatcong Commission:

This very sharp Board of Commissioners has been utilizing several external consultants over the years to continue to help formulate grants, fund-raising, and projects that directly have a positive effect on Hopatcong Lake. Recently, joint efforts from Princeton Hydro and the Lake Hopatcong Foundation the following projects that will take place this year.

Ron Smith“We look forward to the implementation of several HAB management strategies on Lake Hopatcong this spring,” said LHC Chairman Ron Smith. “The summer of 2019 was difficult for the lake’s residents and businesses and this grant award is a testimony to what we can accomplish when our community joins together in support of our lake.”

Floating Islands:

Lake Hopatcong Refill 2020 In IslandOne of the many projects proposed in a grant submission is the creation of a Floating Island in the Landing area of Lake Hopatcong. According to Princeton Hydro, these floating wetlands can help reduce algae by cycling phosphorus and nitrogen.

The islands look like floating gardens using indigenous plants, milkweed, and hibiscus, among other vegetation. Below the water the vegetation will grow long roots, cementing the islands and keeping them along the shoreline, where they will attract fish, butterflies and turtles.

"We're trying to emulate Mother Nature here. It's a great project and a great way to create sustainability in a natural way," – Lake Hopatcong Foundation Program Director, Donna Macalle-Holly

Floating Islands are not new to Lake Hopatcong, as the first was installed in Jefferson’s Ashley Cove area back in 2014.

Ultrasonic Algae Control:

Lake Hopatcong Refill 2020 In UltrasoundAnother proposed solution is the use of Ultrasonic Algae Control which claims to eliminate up to 90% of algae with the use of specific ultrasonic sound waves. These solar-powered buoy units would be rented during a pilot phase to ensure successful results before any long-term solution is purchased. They also have onboard sensors to provide real-time water quality data, and treatment range of about 500-meters.

The technology uses ultrasonic sound waves to create ultrasonic pressure in the top layer of the water, which prevents the algae from rising to the surface and absorbing light for photosynthesis. Therefore, algae are no longer capable of growing further.


Lake Hopatcong Foundation:

This non-profit guardian of the lake continues to add value across so many of the different areas of the lake, that it is hard to capture everything in one article. So, the best we could do is the following list of major accomplishments.


·      Lake-Friendly Living Guide

·      Lake Steward Program

·      Water Scouts

·      Floating Wetland Islands

·      Lake Cleanups

·      Water Quality Monitoring


·      Lake Hopatcong Train Station

·      Block Party 

·      Public Safety

·         B-SAFE Dock Numbers

Courtesy Patrols

·      Added Police Patrols 

·      Dangerous Boating Signs

·      Emergency Needs



·      Lake Hopatcong Trail

·      Group Guided Hikes


·      Floating Classroom

·      Educational Field Trips


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