“Lake Hopatcong is Open for Business!” - As filmed in new Mini-Documentary by WildLogica

Video and Pictures are from WildLogica

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As promised by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation the new WildLogica mini-documentary is now finished, and it features everything from wildlife to human life on Lake Hopatcong.

Mini Doc MovieHours of raw footage was taken along the waterfront, at marinas, restaurants, the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum, and other scenic or significant locations.

WildLogica then did spot interviews with mayors from all four lake municipalities, as well as other spokespeople, including LHF President Jessica Murphy and Lake Hopatcong Commission Chair Ron Smith. A clip of the most recent meeting of the Lake Hopatcong Commission at Hopatcong High School, attended by an estimated 200 citizens, might also make the cut.

How the Development of the Mini-Documentary started:

Since late June, Lake Hopatcong has been experiencing an unprecedented lake-wide algal bloom. In response to the algal bloom, DEP issued an advisory against swimming and watersports, which has been in place for all or most of the lake since June 27, 2019.   The algal bloom and the advisory have hit the Lake Hopatcong region businesses and communities hard, as tourism has drastically decreased. In addition, early messaging and news stories characterized the advisory as a “closure of the lake,” instead of an advisory against swimming and water sports, causing confusion and further devastating the number of people choosing to visit the lake for other recreational opportunities.

So when Lake Hopatcong Foundation Chairman Marty Kane met Rae Hartwell on a flight, it seemed like fate. Rae, a filmmaker and photojournalist, offered to donate the filming services of her organization, WildLogica, to create a video to tell the story of the algal bloom, the efforts being made to improve the situation, and most importantly, to help spread the word that Lake Hopatcong is still open for business, boating, and more.

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For more information about WildLogica, visit wildlogica.com

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