Hopatcong Schools Move Back to Virtual – Due to Students Still in COVID Environments

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It was just a week ago that the Hopatcong School District announced they would open on 01/11/2021 and after they were open for only three days, it proved the worst fear of the District that Students might come from COVID homes without morning testing.

This lead to Superintendent Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto to release the following:

“I regret to inform you that schools will be closed again starting tomorrow, Thursday. Jan.14th. In my re-opening notice. I detailed the important responsibilities that needed to be carried out for us to stay open. Unfortunately, that has not happened in a number of instances. I have significant quarantine situations of staff and students at three schools and things are snowballing in the wrong direction. I thank the staff and the large majority of parents who cooperated. Virtual instruction will be the only option until further notice.”

More Information:

According to Assistant Superintendent Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo, the problems arose with just a few cases of students not feeling well after coming to school, were later were proved COVID positive, this escalated into quarantine of hundreds of students and several teachers.

The School District is looking forward to communicating more on what happened during the three days, to move back to virtual-only classrooms at this time.


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