Hopatcong Schools – Rolling out Positive Changes - Superintendents Provide Details for Public Meeting

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Superintendent Arthur DiBenedetto and Assistant Superintendent Joseph S. Piccirillo took time today to provide an overview of the very positive changes underway within the Hopatcong School District, and the important topics that will be discussed at the public meeting scheduled for February 6, 2020.

2020 HSD 01 31 2020 Movie CoverSuperintendent, Arthur DiBenedetto, “The purpose of the attached Video from myself and Joseph, is to give you some additional information on the topics that we’ll be discussing during the Public Meeting, and most importantly is to gain Parental Input during the meeting.”

What you’ll learn during the Public Meeting:

  • Learn how Hopatcong HHS is becoming a true Academic High School
  • Learn how the District has identified many critical needs, and has started the positive forward movement on implementing them
  • Learn the status of each New Program and when they will be implemented
  • Learn about the new Career Tech Education (CTE) programs that are being implemented and several more still coming
  • Learn about the expanded ability for students to gain College Credits while attending High School at a very significant discount
  • Learn about important expansions to the Gym, Innovation Labs, Auditorium Roof and other areas that will benefit both the Students and Residents of Hopatcong
  • Learn how the district is implementing Social Emotional Strategies to increase the learning process in a comfortable atmosphere for all students
  • Learn about how the continued fight against decreased funding from the State, while still trying to increase programs and resources for the Students

Watch the Introductory Video and make sure you attend this important meeting on the forward movement of Hopatcong Borough School District.

Public Meeting:

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2020 

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Hopatcong High School Cafeteria (2 Windsor Avenue, Hopatcong)


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