Hopatcong Borough needs Poll Workers – Earn $200 for the Day

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Kim with the Sussex County Board of Elections is in need of Poll Workers for the Hopatcong Borough. They include the training and you earn $200.00 for one day’s work.

“While we need Poll Workers throughout the county, Hopatcong is one of my key areas where I really need poll worker’s” stated Kim.

Be a Poll Worker!

"The best part about being a Poll Worker is getting to see all your neighbors and everyone who comes in to vote. It really is a social thing, and you get paid to do it!" says Kim Sidoti, former Master Poll Worker and current Poll Worker Coordinator for the Sussex County Board of Elections. She agrees that "the $200 a day is a perk for the long hours."

Sussex County consists of 119 voting districts and employs about 490 Poll Workers for each county-wide election (June and November). The day is usually 15 hours long and is very rewarding because you are a vital part of the American Democratic process.

The Board of Elections is currently looking to fill positions throughout the county because openings constantly become available due to illness, vacation, or retirement. Poll Workers are usually placed in or near their hometown. If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining our team, please contact Kim at 973-579-0950 x 4 or email her at PWinfo@sussex.nj.us. Training will be provided free of charge and has been scheduled for March and April - seats are limited so contact the BOE and become a Champion of Democracy today!

  • Have FUN while participating in democracy
  • Get paid $200
  • Meet friends and neighbors
  • Receive training free of charge

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