Jennifer Johnson - Humbled & Honored to join the Hopatcong Council

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Jennifer Johnson was sworn-in as the newest member to the Hopatcong Borough Council on January 2, 2020, thus ending her long road to this newly elected position.

In reaching out to Councilmember Johnson on her newly elected position, she stated to Hopatcong Lake Regional News.

“I am humbled and honored to have been chosen by the people of Hopatcong to represent them on Council for the next three years. I am hitting the ground running and hope to accomplish all of the goals I set forth in my platform.”

Jennifer’s drive to this position is best known for its start with Heather Fiore in their challenging the current Sewer Rates, which was a contributing factor in Borough performing a Sewer Assessment, that eventually led to lower rates for residents in 2020.

Additionally, the initial running team of Jennifer and Heather are recognized as the start of videotaping the council meetings on a regular basis, as a form of helping with transparency in the borough.

Heather Fiore for Borough CouncilDuring the Meet the Candidates night on May 31, 2019, Jennifer Johnson felt what she brought to the community was the ability to be objective, look for fairness, and try to see things through some else’s eyes.

During her speech she targeted several key areas:

    • Revitalization of our town, roads, baseball and soccer fields
    • Zero Balanced Budget: Eliminate debt, loans, and bonds that all equal interest
    • Examination of all departments to see if savings can be found

Two Wins Required

Unique to this race was that two wins were required in order to reach the position of Councilmember Johnson. The first was winning the primary to gain one of the two positions available, the second was the actual election in November against a possible write-in candidate.

With both wins now over, Councilmember Johnson now joins the other Council Members in their role of serving the Borough of Hopatcong, which involves great dedication and long-hours.

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