Hopatcong Ambulance Squad – Posts Yearend Numbers for 2019

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Just in case you missed the Facebook Post, the Hopatcong Ambulance Squad posted their end of year numbers for 2019.

From the Facebook Post:

Happy new year to all! Just wanted to say thank you to the community and all of our members for their support for 2019. As expected 2019 was a busy year for Hopatcong Ambulance Squad. We finished off the year with 975 completed calls, traveling 18,354 miles. Our average call time from dispatch to seeing you is 9.48 minutes. An average call for us lasts 81 minutes. We have a tie for busiest day of the week Tuesdays and Thursdays and busiest time of the day 9am. We had 68 occurrences throughout the year where we had more than once ambulance at calls simultaneously.

Our squad is made up of 32 volunteers. 19 EMTs and 13 First Responders. We also have 13 per diem EMTs that work the weekday day shifts. This group of dedicated men and women are there to respond 24/7/365 in your time of need. In 2019 they spent 17,776 hours away from their families for calls, training, special community events, etc.

Besides out members we have a great team of partners from Stanhope, Lakeland, Roxbury, Jefferson, Sparta, etc. who all pitch in to help one another. We thank them backing us up when we need an extra hand.

Stay safe happy and healthy in 2020!

How to join the Hopatcong Ambulance Squad:

Hopatcong Ambulance Squad thrives on a diverse membership and want you to become a part of our team.  No experience is necessary, and we provide all of the training you need to get started.  Qualified members also will be sponsored through the EMT program.  We work around your busy schedule.

  • To qualify you must have the following:
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Be able to lift 125 pounds with assistance.
  • Be willing to be a part of a great EMS family.

Get More Information on Joining: https://hopatcongems.org/join-us

A Proud Part of Hopatcong History Since 1946

 The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad has come a long way since its beginning in 1946 where the community was serviced by its first group of volunteers using a 1937 Buick and a 1940 La Salle in a single car garage on River Styx Road.  Prior to the formation of the squad the nearest ambulance was located at Dover General Hospital.

Due to the limited availability of volunteers during weekday hours we have employed a number of per-diem EMTs to handle emergency calls Monday-Friday during daytime hours.  Evenings and weekend calls continue to be handled by our dedicated volunteers.  This ensures that

The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad has become its own business entity and supports itself through billing for services provided.  We are not funded by the Borough of Hopatcong or your tax dollars.  All patients treated and transported by our ambulance will be billed.  We use a third party billing company (DM Medical Billing) to bill a patient's insurance company.  No patient will ever be denied treatment for not having insurance.  Our goal as always is the safety and wellbeing of our patients.

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