Hopatcong Builds Strength in 2019 with the help of Volunteers

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Every Borough, Community or Township relies on external sources of expertise that help to bring positive results to the community.

The Borough of Hopatcong is no different, over the last year there have been multiple Volunteers, Volunteer Organizations, and Experts that have helped Hopatcong achieve new levels of education, services, and support for the community.

While there are so many to mention, recent examples include the following... Let us know if we missed someone...

Hopatcong Environmental Commission:

Through the hard work of the Hopatcong Environmental Commission, the Borough of Hopatcong has gained its third Bronze Certification in the Sustainable Jersey program.

Hopatcong Woman’s Club

During the December 4, 2019 meeting of the Hopatcong Borough Council and the Mayor recognized the Hopatcong Woman’s Club for their many achievements in enhancing the lives of others through their volunteer services.

“The mission of this organization is to promote service to the community and provide opportunities for members to grow in human development and fellowship. Funds are raised for scholarships, needed projects for the area, state and nation, through various activities.”

Hopatcong Farmers Market / Flea Market:

Mayor Michael Frances “While the Hopatcong Farmers Market has been in existence for several years and the initial Flea Market was started by CERT. The Borough of Hopatcong would like to personally thank Christopher Ryan for his level of expertise in flea markets, and the efforts that he provided to the Borough in helping to propel this event forward. This is a positive contribution to Hopatcong for both now and in the future, as it helps us create a marketplace for the future.

“His knowledge of this marketplace helped provide the Borough with multiple alternatives on the future of the marketplace within Hopatcong.”

Community Center:

The new 2019 community center has been a big hit to the Hopatcong Community, based upon the efforts of councilperson Dawn Roberts (gsm), and multiple efforts of other individuals in their creation of a wellness center, that features so much for the community.

In the first year, this newly created center has provided multiple resources to our community, which most recently includes the very successful giving tree.

Hopatcong Recreation Committee:

The Hopatcong Recreation Committee and all of the volunteers that help plan and implement the number of year-long events that keep the Borough going…

Lake Hopatcong Committees:

With support from both the Lake Hopatcong Foundation and the Lake Hopatcong Commission, the Borough has been able to continue our fight on Harmful Algae Blooms in the formation of a plan from Mayor Michael Frances on the short- mid – long term solutions that are needed for the lake.

Local Scouts:

Additionally, the local Boy and Girl Scouts from the area can always be counted upon for their assistance with local borough events, regardless of the efforts needed (clean-ups) and a wide variety of other volunteer events, where they bring the best of Hopatcong forward.

Animal Shelter:

The redesign of the Hopatcong Animal Shelter, and the multiple people and originations that support this positive addition to our community.

Too many Names to Mention:

While we have mentioned several of the recent accomplishments within this article, there are way too many names to mention on people and organizations that have had a positive effect on the Hopatcong Borough.

Please feel free to call out additional people and organizations on the comments below, so everyone can celebrate the achievements of 2019, and look forward to 2020 and beyond.

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