Sussex County Community College – Six Courses at Hopatcong High School

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Sussex courses conducted at Hopatcong High School offers Sussex County residents an additional, convenient location to earn their degree or certificate. These courses are offered each semester and are the same as courses offered on our main campus.

Spring 2020 Courses at Hopatcong High School:


This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of all critical business functions. Topics include forms of business ownership, legal aspects of business, human resource management, finance, marketing, accounting, management information systems, international business and contemporary business issues. Students taking this course are prepared for more advanced courses in business.


This course is designed to provide the student with a level of knowledge necessary to function in today’s technological society. Topics include computer and network terminology, hardware, software, and processing concepts. A large portion of the class time is dedicated to exercises performed using integrated software packages.

Prerequisite: MATH010 (Grade of C) or Appropriate Mathematics

Corequisite: ENGL011 (Grade of C) or Higher (Second Level)

Lab Fee required


This course provides the student with an in-depth study of food microbiology and a review of significant food-borne illnesses. Emphasis will be placed on food safety and adherence to local, state and federal regulations that address food service sanitation. The course is intended to prepare students for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Certification exam and the New Jersey State Department of Health Food Service Managers Sanitation course exam.

GRAD101 DESIGN I (3 Cr) (2:2)

This course is an exploration of the fundamental principles of design through a series of weekly lectures, discussions, and short readings reinforced by studio assignments and critiques. This class focuses on developing the ability to skillfully use and combine core design elements and utilize design principles while mastering the craft of materials to convey meaning. Assignments are organized and designed to engage students with optimal learning opportunities in developing critical thinking skills and professional vocabulary allowing for further study. Although this course is not a software-oriented course student will be introduced to the computer utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to gain very basic skills.

Lab Fee required

Prerequisite: GRAD109 (Understanding Social Media)


This course emphasizes techniques and applications used to produce published documents for both Internet and print media. Students will learn to design documents, publications, and related projects using industry standard software on both MAC and PC platforms. An emphasis is placed on basic computer graphic skills through practical experience with two-dimensional paint and draw programs, as well as layout programs for print and web.

Projects covered include advertising design, page layout, computer illustrations, digital imaging, and the scanning and manipulation of images. Basic computer operating skills are strongly recommended upon entering this class.

Lab Fee required

Students looking to begin an associate degree or certificate program, continue their studies, or get ahead in their professional career can start their journey at Sussex County Community College. Registration for the Spring 2020 Semester is open.

Sussex offers an array of Career and Technical Programs that support the growing need for a skilled workforce in New Jersey. We offer 32 Associate of Applied Science programs that help students transition into a career upon graduation.

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