Hopatcong Christmas Lights Contest 2019 – Shows the Spirit of Hopatcong

1st Place Winner 2019

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In was just a few weeks ago in November that local residents Rich and Eunice Chiarella had the idea of launching a Christmas Lights Contest to spur ahead the already high Hopatcong Community Spirit.

They were quickly joined by locals Jim Moore and Pat Perretti, and Many Land that all together raised $3,000 in prizes for the Hopatcong Christmas Lights Contest. Their hard work has paid-off as there were 51 entries in the first year of the contest, which resulted in the following beautiful displays.

Thank you to everyone that entered the contest, your hard work, and those throughout the community that participated by enjoying the extra kick of holiday spirit!

Tour of all Homes    The Winners for 2019

Hopatcong Christmas Lights 2019 Movie 1


Hopatcong Christmas Lights 2019 Movie 2


Special Thanks to the Creators and Sponsors

  • Rich and Eunice Chiarella
  • Jim Moore and Pat Perretti
  • Many Land

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