Jim Marino Retires After 42 Years in Education – Hopatcong

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Art DiBenedetto Hopatcong Superintendent of Schools, announces – The Big Shoes Award for this Month goes to Hopatcong High School History Teacher Mr. James Marino for 42 years of service.

At Hopatcong Middle School, a monthly award recognizes faculty and staff for their hard work and commitment to academic excellence. The “Big Shoes Award”—similar to the employee of the month—is commemorated by a giant gilded sneaker used to represent those individuals who go the extra mile.

The December 2019 recipient of the Big Shoes Award is Hopatcong High School History Teacher Mr. James Marino in recognition of his dedication and hard work in the field of education over the last 42 years. We wish him all of the best in his new endeavors.

Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Marino! May his shoes become flip-flops in the sand!

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