Lake Hopatcong Communities Rally – Residents-Helping-Residents – “We’ve Got This”

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Once again, residents of the Hopatcong Lake Community are experiencing the huge surge of residents and communities pulling together to handle the Coronavirus partial shutdown, while ensuring all residents are protected, safe and informed.

While our State and County officials have worked with precision to get us to this point, the residents have already started the most important residents-helping-residents element as part of the overall solution.

Examples of Pulling Together:

As of today, residents are already busy delivering toilet paper, hand-sanitizer, visiting the elderly and offering up their private cell-numbers for anyone in need of supplies or assistance. Residents have also been given the private numbers of the Mayor’s, Councilmembers and Superintendent of Schools in case they have any questions or problems with the changes underway.

Since Hurricane Sandy (2012) provided the most recent example of the local residents-helping-residents methodology, the Coronavirus partial shutdown in our area shouldn’t stand a chance against the resolve of our residents.

During this last test of residents-helping-residents, we saw the residents and local businesses bond together throughout the event to make sure that nobody suffered, as the local community drew together to achieved the extraordinary across all areas.

Moving Forward: Focus on Residents-helping-Residents

In moving forward, Hopatcong Lake Regional News will focus primarily on this element in our reporting, to first ensure that the community and 60,000 readers are informed in all areas of the residents-helping-residents, their initiatives and responses that are underway.

We are dropping all areas of reporting on the Virus since you have multiple sources already available to you through Federal and State agencies.

Please let our staff know if we can help you in any way…


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