New Jersey State Police – Helping in Puerto Rico – Riding in Style

New New Jersey State Police Riding in Style in Puerto Rico

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The New Jersey State Police deployed to Puerto Rico to help with the earthquake recovery, have been given some unusual transportation, that is vastly different than their normal low profile vehicles.

Fifty-seven New Jersey state troopers are being deployed to Puerto Rico after yet another earthquake that shook the island.

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For almost a month, the island has been continuously hit by earthquakes. The most severe was a 6.4 magnitude quake in early January. Officials estimate nearly $200 million in damage and 8,000 people without homes.

“Puerto Rico is a place that is in the center of the heart and soul of New Jersey,” says Gov. Phil Murphy. “We have hundreds of thousands of people of Puerto Rican descent here in New Jersey.”

The troopers have arrived safely in Puerto Rico and have set up camp at their base in the city of Poncé.

Pedro Janer, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety in Puerto Rico, presided over a ceremony to swear in the troopers as peace officers for the duration of their deployment.

Troopers received a briefing from State Police command staff, which included a review of operational plans and the dissemination of assignments.

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