According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 841,000 people have died from a drug overdose since 1999. As the mother of a young man who succumbed to addiction I wonder if some of those deaths could have been prevented.

Dear Editor:

I am a retired elementary teacher with 32 years of experience and a Masters’ Degree in Educational Psychology. These quotes are from a parent with a special-needs severely autistic twelve-year old and they are addressing the incredible negative effects of the school shutdown on her son.

Every day for the last month, I have awakened at dawn to attend morning mass at a peaceful little church called near Lake Hopatcong called Saint Jude’s. Not many attend, but the same few that do have gotten to know each other by masked face at least.

Dear Editor - As we reflect on the dizzying array of events which took place during the 2019 Season of Hope Toy Drive, we are struck by the abundance of gifts we received.  Not just in the sheer volume of new, unwrapped toys which were donated for children and teens, but in the deceptively small things which took place along the way. 

Dear Rev. Rizzo,

Thank you for your note. I gather Jerry forwarded to you the letter I sent to several publications calling for the elected officials and party leaders in Sussex County to denounce racial and religious hate speech.  I read in the Herald that the Sussex County GOP appointed you to the task of reviewing the 20,000 or so communiques forwarded by Jerry.  God bless you for undertaking that task.

Posted by Rich McFadden - Your Opinion: The posted NJ DEP data shows that the monitoring threshold which the NJ DEP used to trigger their aggressive warning campaign is five (5) times striker than the World Health Organization, the Federal DEP and many other state DEPs such as Indiana, NY Etc... 20,000 pp/ml versus 100,000 pp/ml. 

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