Hopatcong’s Block by Block Get Tough Redevelopment Talks with a Dec 6th Land Use “We Decided for You” Public Meeting

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News reader Michele Guttenberger has submitted the folowing article as "Your Opinion" on our site. As a courtesy to our site members, we always support your ability to voice your opinion.

Mid November started the by invitation "public?" meetings orchestrated by Hopatcong's “redevelopment committee” for property owners in the designated redevelopment area.  Block by Block these residents were “invited???” to attend discussions with borough officials on how their property would be subjected to the impacts of these redevelopment plans.  Redevelopment effects all of us in Hopatcong Borough. So why are these meetings being conducted in a semi-private venue without full disclosure of the purpose of these municipal solicited meetings to some identified residents?  As a concerned citizen of Hopatcong, I see red flags in these activities where we don't know the who and why behind the attendance of these municipal called meetings which have targeted a section of residents in our Borough.  They are meetings that include engineer and lawyer consultant fees charged outside of our G&A approved budget because these are politically initiated special project meetings which were not included in the annual planned expenditures.   However, we as the taxpayers are picking up the expenditure costs for these meetings without any public broadcast announcement and justification for these meetings.   Why is the true purpose and justification of these special redevelopment meetings being shrouded from the public taxpayer?

Here is another worth posing question on our new development project which has become part of the popular "thumbs down" in this redevelopment agenda -   Did anyone notice the new giant sign on the Lakepointe condo building? Does this new sign imply that the whole building is up for sale?  Also, they have changed the ownership contract on these units from direct ownership to renting with the option to buy.  That's right - now we are attracting new renters to new multi bedroom units in Hopatcong as part of our revival of a new town center and new development plans. Oh! the big revenues we will reap from residential renters housed in our prime real estate lake view center.    

If you are tired of being in the dark on this redevelopment saga than it is urgent that we all attend the Land Use Board meeting on December 6th. To all the wonderful folks living in Hopatcong wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  When you see that big turkey remember the Land Use Meeting for Dec 6th.  Don't get stuffed with a bad redevelopment project on this turkey bill.    

Michele Guttenberger 

Hopatcong's Concerned Taxpayer 

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