Location of the Pot of Gold has been solved!

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It would appear that the age-old mystery of where the Leprechauns hide their pot of gold has been finally solved. As it is hidden at the bottom of Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey.

After a hard rain in late July, residents of the Hopatcong Lake Region were treated to a bright rainbow that lasted over 10 minutes. Which is clear indication that the pot of gold is hidden here, right in our own lake.

Several residents, commented that Elvis who still lives in Kalamazoo MI, was on hand afterwards to substantiate this fact, as he stated. “It’s no wonder that the gold is hidden here in the largest lake in New Jersey, as this place is magical and provides so much enjoyment to the people within the region.”

Additional validation came from Jimmy Hoffa, who still lives at the bottom of the lake, as he stated. “I’ve personally seen the pot of gold, and witnessed the Leprechauns who come each year under the new rainbow to deposit their annual gold savings. I would have to estimate that we have over 50 million hidden here.”

Local officials were unavailable for comment, as it seems there has been a buying frenzy on scuba gear.

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