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Breaking News – Fresh Emporium in Landing Closes for good!

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After Pathmark in the same location closed less than two years ago, the replacement of Fresh Emporium gives up based upon low business volume.

It has been less than two years, and Fresh Emporium was not able to make ends meet at their new location in Landing NJ. This store served both Landing and Hopatcong, as a quick place to stop when you needed something fast for dinner.

Late last year, Fresh Emporium scaled back the hours of the store to try and help save money, but that wasn’t enough to help save this store. According to the Manger of the store. "We just were not able to make ends-meet. The business wasn't there to support the staff of over 50 emplyees, rent etc."

According to local residents, their prices were always high, and the store didn’t improve much since Pathmark stated, Julie Marie Pitner.

Fresh Emporium“I was really hoping that we would get a great place to locally food shop after having a terrible Pathmark at this location, but unfortunately it's almost as if nothing has changed.

The only part of the place I like is the deli counter where they now have Boars Head and the staff behind the counter is always great.

The staff in the rest of the store always seems frazzled, untrained, scarce and unprofessional. When you do go there, checking out is always a nightmare even with only a few customers mulling around. You have to check all your products for expiration dates as most of the inventory that I do check is either close to the sell by date, it is the sell by date or past the sell by date.

Produce isn't even worth wasting your time to find something decent. Nothing is competitively priced, a lot of things are overpriced, especially for the products.

I would love to see a Shoprite, Trader Joe's or ANY other business come in and be successful. The need and the location are there, it is the management of the supermarkets that are lacking. It is mind blowing... and after my attempt to swing by yet again to see how the business is doing and hoping for improvements.. it looks like we will see this store closing very soon... the unstocked shelves would be your first sign.”

So, the community waits and hopes that another Market will open in this location, something that would bring improvement to the community.

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