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There are some students who set the bar. They work harder, show more passion and lead by example—in the classroom, on the field and within the community. Today, Wendy’s High School Heisman recognizes Jessica L. Alvarez and Anthony Mastroeni from Hopatcong High School and their dedication to never cutting corners by naming them School Winners. 

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Hudson Maxim received a set of Dash and Dot robots from Wonder Workshop in the middle of September, 2017. They were purchased through the district’s STEM budget.

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Haunted Hallways is back at Hopatcong High School!  It will be held on October 23, from 6-9 pm.  This event will be held at the cafeteria at the High School.

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Hopatcong High School student, Anthony Christiana was recently acknowledged as a Commended Student in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program.

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Experience the excitement of New Jersey Devils hockey live at Prudential Center on Saturday, October 28 as the three-time Stanley Cup Champions play the Arizona Coyotes with a 7pm puck drop and receive a free Devils’ drawstring bag. 

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Following the Jefferson Township Recreation Department’s annual Fall Festival event on Saturday, October 21, Jefferson Recreation proudly presents the 29th annual Halloween Haunted House at Camp Jefferson, 81 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong – rain or shine.

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The Jefferson Township Recreation Department will host its annual Fall Festival at Camp Jefferson, 81 Weldon Road on Saturday, October 21 from 10 am to 3 pm. This event and all activities are free to the public except where noted.

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The Jefferson Township Museum, also known as the George Chamberlain House, will have an open house on Sunday, November 5, 2017, from 1 to 4 pm. Featured this month will be the Museum’s display of vintage and antique quilts. 

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The Roxbury Board of Education held its October Board of Education meeting on Monday, October 16th in the Lincoln/Roosevelt Auditorium.

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The past two weeks have been busy for Laura Richards’ Careers with Children class at Roxbury High School. Beginning with a special visitor last week. 

Julie Barros from the Morris and Sussex New Jersey Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA) organization came to speak to the students on October 12th and 13th. She explained how CASA provides children who are receiving services from the Division of Child Protection and Permanency with a voice in the court system.

Barros shared stories, explained other relevant career options, and detailed the information about the importance of child advocacy.

“Students were very touched by the impact of the CASA organization and the loving dedication of its volunteers,” shared Richards.

Students then had an opportunity and privilege of visiting the Goddard School in Randolph on October 17th and 18th. There they were able to observe how teachers communicate and meet the needs of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Richards added, “The Goddard School warmly welcomed the high school students and arranged for a classroom observational visit with a chance for the students to interview the teaching staff. The students were very excited to see the compassionate enthusiasm of their teaching staff and operational excellence of the school.”

The students were also shown the Goddard School’s extensive garden and outdoor classroom which allows teachers to engage their classes in STEM activities while introducing life skills. 

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In an effort to expand Nixon Elementary School’s Sustainability Initiative, its PTA worked with the school to transform its Fall Festival into a Green Fair with fun green activities planned throughout the day last Friday with special guests and presenters.

“Nixon first decided to make the Fall Festival “Green Themed” last year as Principal Lynch embarked upon the Rethinking Recycling initiative. She approached me because I had chaired the Fall Festival Committee last fall and she wondered if the PTA would consider putting a Green spin on the event,” explained Lenore Palen, chair of the PTA Green Fair team.

She immediately agreed, adding, “Mostly because as fun as the Fall Festival was it struck me as a great opportunity to also incorporate an educational focus to the activities. We were already focused on Recycling in the school so it seemed like the perfect time to do it.” 

Principal Danielle Lynch echoed those sentiments stating, “The transition from Fall Festival to Green Fair was an exciting shift for us as an educational community.”

Palen and her green team of planners and volunteers included Allison List, Kathy Ribe, Kim Yamashita, Stacey Malone, Danielle McCabe, Patricia Riveria, Cheryl Abato, Lana Panzer, Jennifer Greve, Meghan Hoskins, Tiffany Lynch, Danielle Mohalek, Melody Simon, Krystyn DePree, Dave Lakata, Denise Dougherty, Holly Guth, Caroyln Lanza, Suzanne Mendonca, Mary and Paul Olsen, Tina Berchak, Rodney Walker with a woodworking assist from Douglas Palen.

Together they created stations and organized to have local “green” groups present like the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF), Roxbury’s Clean Communities, and the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA).

“We received amazing support from Liz Sweedy and Chris Vidal from the MUA and Kellie Ann Keyes from Roxbury’s Clean Communities. As soon as we mentioned the idea, they were enthusiastic about making suggestions, sponsoring a portion and even presenting at the event.”

Additional outside presenters included Alexandra Cavagrotti, the NJ Watershed Ambassador for the Musconetcong River and Donna Macalle-Holly and Lisa Hirschfield from the Lake Hopatcong Foundation. 

“We appreciate each one of them for their time and support,” shared Palen.

Parent volunteers and these outside representatives helped organize and run the different planned sessions throughout the day. The program included a descriptive, hands-on walking tour of the Husky Garden, recycling question session with the prize wheel with the MUA, book reading in the Media Center with the LHF and NJ Watershed Ambassador, as well as active and creative exercises outdoors.

These outdoor activities included making large recycled mosaics with plastic lids and caps, birdhouse feeders to be hung around the school, as well as relay races and music activities.

Palen’s favorite station of the day was the mosaics out of the bottle caps. “We asked the families to collect and send in their plastic lids and caps that are normally disposable. In a very short time, we amassed over 6,500 different caps and lids weighing over 30 pounds. This was an astounding visual to me. It’s such a small glimpse of how much we throw away on a daily basis. It made me think that we have to be creative when thinking of solutions for this problem and we have to teach our children that same creativity.”

Lynch agreed, “As Mrs. Palen alluded, the bottle cap mosaics came out beautiful and I’m anxious to find homes for these recycled works of art to be displayed at Nixon School.”

Palen’s hope was that as the students rotated through the different stations, “They would foster an awareness to start them thinking and talking about reducing waste, creatively re-purposing or reusing garbage and recycling what needs to be recycled.”

The jammed packed day of stations combined education and fun, creative activities to give students lessons to be remembered and built on.

“I felt that by using recyclable objects throughout the day’s activities as well as from learning about recycling specifics from the MUA and Roxbury Clean Communities, it really tied it all together and engaged the students on a deeper level,” added Palen.

All of the outside groups that participated in the event thought it turned out great and were excited to be a part of the school’s educational initiative!

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation was established to improve Lake Hopatcong for everyone, now and in the years to come. The Foundation aims to improve and enhance the lake experience and environment while working in several areas to accomplish initiatives on behalf of the lake community and environment. LHF helps districts surrounding the lake organize field trips to the Hopatcong State Park in the spring for fourth graders.

The MCMUA promotes recycling and litter abatement programs and can assist schools with setting up comprehensive recycling programs.

Liz Sweedy, Recycling Education Specialist with the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority shared, “I  assist schools to obtain their Sustainable Jersey for Schools goals in Waste Management and Recycling by doing waste assessments, waste audits, while making recommendations to improve current waste status and get them in compliance with recycling regulations, as well as assisting in planning Green Fairs.”

Roxbury Clean Communities is part of the state’s Clean Communities program that is a comprehensive litter abatement program serving New Jersey residents and visitors for over 25 years. The basic mission is to reduce litter in public places, promote the volunteer cleanup of public lands and sustain a reduction in litter through education. Roxbury’s Clean Communities has a simple and fun way to be a part of the community by looking for individuals, school groups, churches, and businesses willing to donate some time to continue to keep Roxbury beautiful with Adopt-a-Road or Adopt-a-Spot programs.

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Roxbury Marching Gaels Take Second Place in Group IV Open Competition and Win The Cadets Award of Excellence at US Bands Yamaha Cup, Saturday, October 14th at MetLife Stadium

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The veteran Mount Arlington police officer died in a motor vehicle crash while on duty shortly after midnight in October 2011 — hit by a driver suspected of being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

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The Project Lifesaver program has been implemented by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in an effort to provide enhanced support and assistance to Morris County residents who are primary caregivers for an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia disorder as well as families of children afflicted with Down syndrome, autism, traumatic brain injuries or cognitive impairments.

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The Borough of Mt Arlington’s goal is to provide you with premier water service. As part of this commitment, we will be flushing fire hydrants and water mains starting the week of 8/7/17 (Excluding Landing Area and Seasons Glen). The result will improve your service, reliability and water quality.

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The Golden Pineapple is your destination for unique gifts, home accents, jewelry and accessories plus a new selection of stylish “Lake Living” items!

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The first phase of the Lake Hopatcong Trail has been built and blazed and is now open for hikers to enjoy! 

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Rerestoration of the historical Lake Hopatcong train station in Landing remains on track, a beefsteak dinner, with a rich history of its own, will be held to support the project.

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The Hopatcong Lake Regional team is conducting a survey with local Oil companies across our region to provide you a matrix of prices and benefits. Until we complete that article, here are some tips on heating your home with oil, without going broke.

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As we start into the month of October, you may be wondering where you can take the family for some halloween fun. We have reviewed six of the local farms (by Web & Phone) to help you with the decision-making process.

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Michael Wallace of Highland Lakes, NJ won the American Bass Anglers RAM American Fishing Tour, Division 10 Tournament held September 10th, 2017 on Lake Hopatcong.  

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News is pleased to continue to provide the weekly Fishing Report for the Lake Region to help inform you on what’s biting and where. Our guest author is Dows Boat Rental and Bait Shop.

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News is pleased to continue to provide the weekly Fishing Report for the Lake Region to help inform you on what’s biting and where. Our guest author is Dows Boat Rental and Bait Shop.

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On the weekend of September 23 & 24 2017 the Knee Deep Club of Lake Hopatcong will hold its Annual Fall Hybrid Striped Bass Contest on Lake Hopatcong.  

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Event Flyer Locations:

Isabella Reilly a Cancer Survivor – Gives unselfishly – And receives a night to remember forever!

Landing \ Roxbury News

As reported earlier this month in the article “Children Working to Conquer Cancer,” Isabella Reilly was the brains behind the Eisenhower Middle School Toy Drive and Dance for Goryeb Children's Oncology Unit as a way to help other children with cancer.

This unselfish act, caused the students and teachers of Eisenhower Middle School to work together to give Isabella a night that she will remember forever.

While Isabella only thought that she would help decorate the gym and wait for the dance on Friday. Everyone behind the scenes was planning for Limo’s, Professional Hair Stylings, Manicure and Pedicure’s, and special dresses.

Photos from this Major Event:

Let's Rewind to the Beginning of the Story:

Heather Roddy and Shannon RodasIn speaking to Heather Roddy and Shannon Rodas, both teachers at Eisenhower Middle School.

“Isabella Reilly came up with the idea last year in our Civics class. She created the project and did a formal presentation for holding a toy collection drive for the Goryeb Children's Oncology Unit, and then holding a dance in honor of the unit.”

“From there it was our job (the teachers) to help bring the project to light, as a way to create a fun experience for the kids and to make a difference in the community. So over the last year, we worked both with Isabella, the school staff, and the students to make sure her project was successful.”

Fast Forward to Friday:

“After the very successful Toy Drive was complete, everyone wanted to do something special for Isabella, so we teamed together on the idea of the Limo, Hair Styling, Manicure, Pedicure and selecting one of two special dresses that Dressed to the Nines in Morristown donated.”

Isabella Reilly a Night to Remember:

Hopatcong Lake Regional News had a brief opportunity to interview Isabella Reilly as she was surrounded by her friends and was getting into the Limo to start her adventure of a lifetime.

Treasure Chest“When I was little, what I remember about my cancer treatment at Goryeb Children's Oncology Unit, was the Treasure Chest and being able to get a toy after my treatment. I always looked forward to that opportunity, so I just wanted to make sure other children had the same positive experience that I did, so that’s what inspired me to launch the project, as I wanted to give back.”

When asked, “So what do you think about what everyone has done for you?” Isabella quickly replied “I’m so happy that so many people came together to do this for me… This is Outstanding… I just want to give everyone a big hug!”

After the short Limo ride to Santana’s Salon, Isabella chooses to have half-up and half-down and styling for the dance. During her time at the salon, both owners were on-hand to make sure everything was perfect.

Later that night, the dance to honor Goryeb Children's Oncology Unit went off as planned, with Isabella Reilly, the planner, coordinator, and honoree, was the star attraction. Which adds up to a night that she will remember forever, thanks to a “Job well done by Family, Eisenhower Middle School students and teachers.”

Principal and TeachersCredit where Credit is due:

Principal Dominick Miller who knows each student by their first name – Backed the project from the start

Heather Roddy - Physical Education Teacher – Co-conspirator on both the project and the big event

Shannon Rodas - Eighth Grade ELA – Co-conspirator on both the project and the big event

Isabella Reilly’s – Family, Students, and teachers that kept this big event secret for so long.


Donations by:

Larry the Limo DriverAristocrat Limousine & Bus Company

Donating a Stretch Limo for the Evening (and Larry the Limo Driver):

354 Kingston Rd, Parsippany, NJ 07054


Donated by:  Mr. Ralph Wright and Ms. Jennifer Wright


Santana’s SalonSantana’s Salon

Donating Services for Bell’s Hair for the Evening:

275 NJ-10 #200, Succasunna, NJ 07876

(973) 584-1996

Donated by: Teacher Tito Santana and Wife Leah


Looma Spa

Donating a Manicure and Pedicure for Bella:

275 Route 10 East, Suite 70, Succasunna, NJ 07876

(973) 584-8688

Donated by:  Kristie Kang


Dressed to the Nines

Donating a Gown for the Evening

15 Pine St, Morristown, NJ 07960

(973) 285-9081

Donated by:  Janet Witt

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