S.A.I.L. Parent Academy Puts Math in Focus

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Roxbury, NJ (February 3, 2017) — Franklin and Nixon School parents participated in the second of four S.A.I.L. Parent Academies at Franklin School on Thursday Night.

These two elementary schools in Roxbury Township qualify for Title I funding based on the number of students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program. These Title I programs are coordinated by Kelly Freund, Franklin and Nixon computer teacher.


“They are designed to get the parents as well as children into our schools at night to learn more about what is going on in school and how to support their children at home. It’s all about bringing our community into our schools and eliminating all possible obstacles.”


Thursday’s workshop provided a free hot meal for families catered by Aramark foods, translators if need be, and free babysitting where children could come play on the computers, do arts and crafts, and have fun while their parents learned how they can help their children reinforce math concepts taught at school.


Each parent academy workshop has a focused theme and last night’s was math. Parents had a chance to come and learn the basics of Singapore Math, how they can help reinforce concepts at home, and even fun games to play with their children.


After dinner, parents were split into two groups based on the age of their children. Mr. Makoto Yoshida presented to the parents of Kindergarten through Second Grade while Ms. Andrea Rackow presented to parents of Third and Fourth-graders.


“These speakers from East/West Math are the same company who train our staff. They reviewed with the parents Singapore math theories, number sense, and easy games to play their children to reinforce math skills and concepts. Helping parents to become familiar with our math program to assist their children at home is our ultimate goal,” shared Freund.


The last 45 minutes of the program allowed parents and children to come together for dessert and practice some of these fun math games together. Stations were set up with grade level appropriate games.


“We want these academies to bring in all parents even the ones that are not so comfortable with coming into the schools. We would like more community involvement and make parents at ease with our schools and its curriculum. These academies hopefully will give parents a better understanding of the curriculum the children are being taught, making it easier for them to lend support to their children at home. It also provides parents and children quality time together working on areas of learning from their daily activities and lessons at school,” explained Freund.


Twenty-eight families pre-registered for this event, with almost 100 in attendance according to Chuck Seipp, Roxbury Assistant Superintendent of Schools.


“The increasing participation in these Parent Academies sends such a positive message to our students about their parents’ interest in their education, partnership with the district in education, and encouragement to be a life-long learner. It is very exciting to watch these programs grow and connect our parents with resources that make them an active participant in the educational process. Our students stand to benefit, which is why we are all here…for the kids.”


Each child left with a small math goodie bag filled with spacers, cards, and games to take home.


Upcoming Parent Academies for Franklin and Nixon School families are:

  • Positive Parenting on March 28th at Nixon School (free sandwiches, snacks/chips and free babysitting)
  • How to Prevent Summer Slide on May 16th at Franklin School (free babysitting and free ice cream)

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