Roxbury Chamber of Commerce – 2019 Person of the Year & Beautification Awards

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On December 11, 2019, the Roxbury Chamber of Commerce held its year-end awards and the election of new officers.

It was a packed luncheon meeting for the Roxbury Chamber of Commerce as they announced the following change in officers for 2020 and the three recipients for the highly esteemed Roxbury Chamber of Commerce awards for 2019 (Watch full Video).

New Officers for 2020:


2019 Officers

2020 Officers


Nick Wunner

Bruce Bristol

1st Vice President

Linda Dora

Bill Clinton

2nd Vice President

Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez


Valerie Dolan

Valerie Dolan


Beautification Awards:

2019 Roxbury Chamber Award1Township of Roxbury:

The Township of Roxbury gained the first beautification award as Roxbury Mayor Bob DeFillippo and Deputy Mayor Fred Hall outlined the work that went into the new Turf Field at Horseshoe Lake.

2019 Roxbury Chamber Award2Lake Hopatcong Foundation:

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation received the second beautification award for the resurrection of the Hopatcong Train Station that was saved from demolition by the foundation. Accepting the award were Marty Kane, Board Chairman and Jessica Murphy, President.

Businessperson of the Year:

2019 Roxbury Chamber Award3Kenneth J Fox of Fox Architectural Design was the winner of the 2019 Businessperson of the Year for his continued work within Roxbury and helping the overall community.

About Roxbury Chamber of Commerce

The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the citizens of Roxbury by providing a forum for local businesses to exchange ideas and information as well as creating a voice for business owners in the local community. Our initiatives and programs help to contribute to the economic success of our community.

We are a non-profit organization. It is The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce’s goal is to create a flourishing economic environment for our local businesses. Our purpose is to build a relationship between the town and businesses and our success is measured in the success of our members and affiliates. Our mission is to create business opportunities, lead economic development, and provide an environment in which local businesses can network.

Join the Roxbury Chamber of Commerce

From our monthly lunch meetings to specialty seminars, choose from a year-round calendar of programs and events that can increase your business knowledge. By becoming a member of the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce, you can help both your business and your local community grow!

The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce (RACC) is committed to the success of local businesses and organizations as well as the economic development of the Roxbury area. As a member, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, programs and networking opportunities that will help you succeed. In addition, your company will be respected as a participant in the area’s reputable business community.

As business advocates in local government, the RACC ensures that business owners are ready and aware of changes in legislation that may affect their businesses. The Chamber provides a strong voice for business owners in local government.

Events and networking help our members to promote their business, both to other business owners and to the local public. Increase the effectiveness of your locally targeted marketing!

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