Roxbury’s Instrument Test Drive is Success with 100+ Students & Parents

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ROXBURY, NJ (May 10, 2019) – The Roxbury Instrumental Music Department held a Roxbury Instrument Test Drive for all fourth-grade students on May 2nd. 

This event was designed to be an "open house" where students and their families could come and test out possible instruments to be played next year.

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Prior to the test drive, there was an instrument demo day at all of the four elementary schools in Roxbury. Fourth graders saw an assembly performance by Roxbury High School musicians who introduced them all to the band and orchestra instruments available for them to play in fifth grade.

More than a hundred fourth grade students and their families turned out for the follow up Instrument Test Drive. Students who attended had the opportunity to actually play all the instruments and receive coaching from high school students and music teachers.

“Our goal at the Instrument Test Drive was to expose children to the instruments available to them next year with the opportunity to play each one. A teacher guided each child through a few basic steps of creating an initial sound on each instrument,” shared sixth-grade band director, Kate Katz.

In addition to giving students the opportunity to try out all the instruments and get a better idea of what they'd like to play, the Test Drive was meant as an opportunity to help students identify the best fit for them.

With the guidance of the instrumental music staff from grades 5-12, students were assisted in the process of holding each instrument properly, making a sound, and other basic techniques. From there, the music teachers were able to see how students did and provide input as to what instrument might be best suited for each child.

“We put together the Test Drive in an effort to establish the sense of community in the instrumental music department from day one. Because it's a program that spans the course of seven years, we want students and families to get a good idea of what we are about and have to offer and feel welcome from the very beginning. We hope that by encouraging participation from the get-go, our community and support will grow from there.”

The Lincoln Roosevelt Instrumental Music staff shared, “We enjoyed meeting so many students and are looking forward to working with them in band and orchestra at Lincoln/Roosevelt next year.”

Adding, “Within the next few weeks, students will receive an invitation to participate and will receive a digital link to sign up for band or orchestra. We ask that if there any questions about the LRS Instrumental Music program, that you reach out to us directly at (Mr. Henricksen), (Mrs. Katz), or (Mr. Goodwin).”

The goal of the Instrumental Music Program is to team with parents, teachers, and the school to develop responsible, respectful, confident, and creative students. The high standards of excellence facilitate musical growth both individually on an instrument and in ensembles.

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