Walmart Ledgewood Closing on May 10th - Until the New Super Walmart is Built

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Walmart in Ledgewood has posted store entry signs indicating that they are closing for good on May 10th, which is a surprise move since the new Super Walmart isn’t due for 18 months.

WalmartLedgewood in1The sign goes on to inform customers that the new hours are from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

  • All Sales are Final

  • No Exchanges

  • No Refunds

As a matter of fact, the Customer Service desk has been completely removed.

The pharmacy is expected to close April 26, with all active prescriptions being transferred to the Flanders store, unless directed otherwise.

In Speaking to Management, the reason, the store is closing 18 months before the new Super Walmart opens is that the building needs to be demolished to make way for new construction for other parts of the mall.

While they are unsure of any pending discounts, they now have multiple new clearance isles added to the store.

Protecting their Employees

Walmart will have a internal job fair for their employees on April 15th and 16th with eight other local Walmart’s to help ensure they can easily transition to another job.


FROM: Phillip Keene. director, corporate communications, Walmart

“We’re excited to invest in the Ledgewood community. The new store will allow us to serve our loyal customers in new and better ways- we can’t wait for them to see what we have planned.” 

General Announcement

  • We are ready to move forward with some very exciting news in relation to our Ledgewood store.
  • We are planning to open a brand-new Supercenter at the current site of our Ledgewood “Hometown” store, where we have served local customers since 1999.
  • In order to build the new store, we have to tear down the existing facility and rebuild- what we call an “on-sight relocation”.

Process Details

  • The store will close to the public by Friday, May 10.
  • The Pharmacy will close on 4/26. All active prescriptions will be transferred to the Flanders, NJ store (3 miles away) unless otherwise directed.
  • We plan to start demolition of the building as soon as June, with a tentative Grand Open window of Fall, 2020.

Associate Transfer Details

  • There are about 140 associates at the Ledgewood location and seven stores within a 20-mile radius of Ledgewood.

New Store Details

  • The new Supercenter will be approximately 170,000 sq. ft. based on current plans.
  • We are still finalizing details, but plan to offer customers the following new products and services:
    • Full Fresh Department
    • Electronics of the Future
    • Garden Center with Patio
    • Front End Transformation
    • Full Dry Grocery Assortment

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