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Roxbury Patrolman Valdes demonstrates the selfless act of giving to others

Roxbury Patrolman Valdes

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The following article appeared on the Roxbury Township Police Facebook page, and demonstrates the selfless act of giving to others.

The man in this picture is a Roxbury Township Police Officer. Patrolman Valdes has watched a gentleman in a neighboring town ride his bike down Route 46 for about a year. Ptlm. Valdes stopped him one day and asked him why he is riding his bike everywhere. The man stated he doesn’t have a car and he rides his bike back and forth to work. The bike was beaten up pretty bad so about a year ago Ptlm. Valdes and Cpl. Kellar reached into their pockets and bought him a used bike from Marty's.

A couple weeks ago, Ptlm. Valdes stopped the man again to find out how things were going. The man happily let him know that he was able to secure a second job washing dishes. The man rides so much that, tires were bald and brakes were rusted on his bike. The man told Valdes his second job takes him from Netcong to Wharton and then back to Nectong at 1:00am. In the rain, sleet, snow and freezing cold weather, he peddles. Never complains, just peddles to make ends meet.

Ptlm. Valdes will be retiring in a little over a month after 25 years. This is a picture of him unloading ANOTHER new bike that he purchased for the gentleman. The man was very grateful for his gift and thanked him with a hug. Ptlm. Silvio Valdes your kind heart will be missed around here.

*We just found out the "original" bike three years ago this guy was riding was bought by Cpl. Gaffey. Apparently we're fans of buying bikes around here. *

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