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On August 5, 2018, Molly set a new record by finishing 30 Jumbo Specialty Dogs in 11 Minutes. This is a new World Record and National Title for Molly, as she named the "Official Top Dog" of Sabretti’s.

Play VideoMolly is unique for this competition, as she is the #1 ranked female, and within the top five overall in the world in the competitive eating field, which is amazing since as she weighs just over 100 lbs.

In the attached Video, Molly only gave herself only a 50-50 chance of winning this National Championship. She cited that the cross-country trip took a toll on her body, and she knew that two of her fellow competitive eaters only finished at 24 dogs within the fifteen minutes.

This means that Molly a 100 lbs. Female was going into uncharted territory, where much bigger men with histories of competitive eating had tried and failed.

Wasibe DogFinal Results: Molly not only finished the 30 Jumbo Specialty Dogs; she did it in 11 MINUTES that set both a Worldwide and National record. The only moment that was a close call was when she was tackling the Wasabi Dog about 3/4ths through the competition, as it created a little bit of a gagging reflex with Molly. After taking a moment to exclaim “Who would ever eat such a dog, this is terrible.” Molly got back down to business and finished the last five dogs.

As a result, Molly won the $5,000 grand prize, plus travel expenses. When asked what she would spend the money on, “I have four children that need braces, so the money will help start the process.”


Molly Having FunDuring our initial interview with Molly on July 15, 2018, she expressed to Hopatcong Lake Regional News that her only training for the competitions is to drink a lot of water beforehand to stretch out the stomach.

Otherwise, she goes into the competition stress-free. According to Molly, “I don’t go into the contest nervous, because if I’m going to Win, I’ll win, or I may even lose the competition, as long as I’ve given it my very best I’m not afraid of the outcome.”

Throughout her visit to the Garden State, we could see the fun-side of Molly, as she smiled, laughed and clowned around the staff and the crowd on-hand during the competition.


Molly background goes back to an early age where she learned that she was a fast eater and could out eat the entire family at the local buffet restaurant. Married and a mother of four, Molly never intended to reach where she is today, “I never intended this to be a career.” stated Molly.

Molly went pro in August 2013 with All-Pro Eaters to help with the leads to different competitive eating competitions. The rules for this organization require that food is eaten Picnic Style which means you eat things the way it was intended, no dunking in water, smushing buns, or eating two or three things at one time. Molly admits, “This makes the competitive eating tougher and slower.”

According to Molly, “A lot of people think that this sport is disgusting, but if you have ever gone out to a buffet restaurant, or attended the family Thanksgiving dinner, I’m just doing the same thing, only I get paid for it!”

Molly is not afraid of the men in the competition, while some may dismiss her, once they find out who she is, they have respect and wish she wasn’t participating in the event.

Competitive History:

Molly current holds over 200 records and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for eating 12 pounds of pudding in 3 minutes. “I feel my best achievement so far is the Wing Bowl Competition, where I ate 501 wings in 30 minutes. I’ve won this event three times,” stated Molly.

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