#1 Ranked Female Competitive Eater is coming to Town

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Molly Schuyler from California will be traveling across the country to take on the highly sought after SABRETTI’S TOP DOG EATING CHALLENGE.

Sabretti’s Hot Dog Eating Challenge:

During this contest, Molly must be seated and will need to eat all 30 Jumbo Specialty Dogs in order on the menu, which includes the bun, jumbo dogs and all toppings within fifteen minutes and remains seated with no issues for an additional 10 minutes. If successful, Molly will win $5,000 and be the first to gain this title, as the only two other close male contenders topped out at 24 jumbo specialty dogs.

Date: August 5, 2018

Time: To be Announced

Location: To be Announced (The Public is Invited to Attend this Event)


#1 Ranked Female Competitive EaterMolly is unique for this competition, as she is the #1 female ranked and within the top five overall in the world in the competitive eating field, which is amazing since as she weighs just over 100 lbs.  

Molly background goes back to an early age where she learned that she was a fast eater and could out eat the entire family at the local buffet restaurant. Married and a mother of four, Molly never intended to reach where she is today, “I never intended this to be a career.” stated Molly.

Molly went pro in August 2013 with All-Pro Eaters to help with the leads to different competitive eating competitions. The rules for this organization requires that food is eaten Picnic Style which means you eat things the way it was intended, no dunking in water, smushing buns, or eating two or three things at one time. Molly admits, “This makes the competitive eating tougher and slower.”

According to Molly, “A lot of people think that this sport is disgusting, but if you have ever gone out to a buffet restaurant, or attended the family Thanksgiving dinner, I’m just doing the same thing, only I get paid for it!”

Molly is not afraid of the men in the competition, while some may dismiss her, once they find out who she is, they have respect and wish she wasn’t participating in the event.

Competitive History:

Molly current holds over 200 records and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for eating 12 pounds of pudding in 3 minutes. “I feel my best achievement so far is the Wing Bowl Competition, where I ate 501 wings in 30 minutes. I’ve won this event three times.” stated Molly.


Molly has a simple strategy for competitive eating competitions; she eats very little before the event and drinks a lot of water to help stretch out her stomach. Otherwise, she goes into the competition stress-free.

According to Molly, “I don’t go into the contest nervous, because if I’m going to Win, I’ll win, or I may even lose the competition, as long as I’ve given it my very best I’m not afraid of the outcome.”

Molly’s thoughts on this Challenge:

“I participated in two other Hot Dog Contests back in 2013, the first was Nathen’s Hot Dog Qualifier where I ate 31, and the second was Up Dogs competition where I ate 34 hot dogs. 

I don’t know how I’m going to do in this competition, as I’ve never been in a big Hot Dog Contest before. I never say I’m not worried about it, I may choke, or maybe I’ll only be able to eat only one, you never know, but I’m going to give it my best. Hopefully, I really like the hot dogs” stated Molly.

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