Pizza Wars 2017 Awards Ceremony – Raising funds for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation

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On Sunday, February 26, 2017, the first annual Pizza Wars Awards Ceremony was held at Cambiotti's Tomato Pie Café, who won with 23% of the overall votes. During the ceremony the Lake Hopatcong Foundation received the donations from several different sponsors.

Rohan Marketing Manager Hopatcong Lake Regional NewsRohan H. Shetty, Marketing Manager for Hopatcong Lake Regional News started the ceremony by briefly outlining the goals and objectives for the Pizza Wars 2017.

Hopatcong Lake Regional News:

“Thank you for coming everyone, Hopatcong Lake Regional News is a organization primarily focused on promoting local news, local community events, and local businesses. We have developed several friendly local events that engage our local communities with the local businesses, like the Pizza Wars.”

“The Pizza Wars was developed to encourage local residents surrounding the lake a chance to experience all the different local Pizzerias.  All are great pizzas, which hopefully you’ve had a chance to try during this event.”

“We’d like to thank all of the sponsors as well as the local Pizzerias that participated.  As they helped to raise funds for this year’s chosen local Non-Profit, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation who serves as the guardian of our lake.”

“The next event Hopatcong Lake Region News will kick off is the Battle of the Bars, this event is where all the bars in the area show off their best talents. Full details, requirements, ad space pricing, and the local donation recipient will all be announced in early March.”

Check Ceremony with Lake Hopatcong Foundation:

Lake Hopatcong Foundation - Pizza Wars AcceptanceOn hand during the Awards Ceremony were Affordable Automotive and Hopatcong Dental Associates who presented their checks to Donna Macalle-Holly representing the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.

Rick Gerry from Affordable Automotive. “We are happy to be one of the sponsors for this event.  As a lifetime resident of the lake, all of the money that goes toward the Lake is a great thing for all of us.”

Dr. Brandon Schmidt from Hopatcong Dental Associates, “We just moved into the area the summer of 2016, so far, everyone has been very accommodating.  We just love the Lake and the People, and are willing to do anything to help our mutual community.”

Donna, “We are very appreciative of all of the sponsors, and pizzerias that participated, as well as.  Hopatcong Lake Regional News for helping to raise funds to help promote the lake and our lake community.”

Award Ceremony with Cambiotti's Tomato Pie Café:

Pizza War Winner 2017Dave Cambiotti, “I’d like to thank everyone for this award, we are a family owned business in our local community, and we work very hard at what we do, without everyone this would not have been possible especially my employees who work very hard, and without them, nothing would be possible. Therefore, I’d like to thank everyone involved for supporting us!

Special Thanks to all Participating Pizza Restaurants:

Name Address City
Cambiotti's Tomato Pie Café 102 Shippenport Rd Landing
Frank's Pizza 181 Howard Blvd # H Mt Arlington
Frank's Pizza 50 Hopatchung Rd Hopatcong
Frank's Pizza 725 NJ-15 Lake Hopatcong
Grotto Restaurant 454 River Styx Rd Hopatcong
Joey's Pizzeria 47 Hopatchung Rd Hopatcong
Knot Just Pizza 49 Lakeside Blvd Hopatcong
Little Nicki's Italian Restaurant 120 Brady Rd Lake Hopatcong
Sal's Pizza & Restaurant 175 Lakeside Blvd # 7 Landing
Vinnie & Son Restaurant 312 Howard Blvd Mt Arlington
 - and - 215 Espanong Rd #312 Mt Arlington

Special Thanks to our 2017 Sponsors of the Pizza Wars!


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