LHC Meeting [04-12-21]: Weed Harvesting Unresolved – Success of Cresent Cove - DEP Ignores Water Level Advice

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The Lake Hopatcong Commission (LHC) meeting that took place on April 12, 2021, held several important pieces of information for the greater lake community that you need to know regarding Weed Harvesting, Water Levels and the success of Crescent Cove.

2021 LHC 04 12 2021     Video of Full MeetingWe encourage readers to watch the full video to the left for the full meeting details or drill in on any of the following sections that cover each of the main topics from the meeting.


Highlights: What the Public Needs to Know:

2021 LHC 04 12 2021 In4 Harvest       Weed Harvesting Section#1: Weed Harvesting for 2021:

While the LHC continues to work diligently in this area, knowing the DEP is unable to help. The LHC team led by Commissioner Ryan Gilfillan has an RFP out for Harvesting on the Lake using our equipment. More answers should be available in May, which leaves only a short time frame for the ideal weed harvesting season.

Additionally, they are looking for the lake towns to provide Weed Drying areas near the collection points, and this will help reduce the overall costs. They have had positive results from Roxbury and will be reaching out to other towns in the near future.

Note: No final determination has been made on the 2019 Weed Harvester Accident in Crescent Cove, therefore the DEP hands are tied on using any of the harvester equipment in 2021 for Lake Hopatcong until they are given the green light.

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#2: DEP Controls Water Levels:

2021 LHC 04 12 2021 In2 Dam       DEP Water Level SectionDuring the meeting, the new representative from the DEP State Park made it clear to all LHC members, that the DEP is in charge of the Dam, water levels, and any requests coming from the LHC are just considered advice and not taken into account in their final decisions. While the majority of the commission members live on the lake and understand the water flow, the DEP stated several times that they are in charge of the water flow.

#3: Public Comment: Residents from Ingram Cove

Following the first-year positive results from Crescent Cove in 2020 2021 LHC 04 12 2021 In3 Public   Success of Cresent Cove Sectiont - residents from Ingram Cove asked if an aeration solution like the one deployed in the River Styx area by Hopatcong could be deployed in the Ingram Cove area in the future. They cited the success of the project within the first year. Princeton Hydro answered the question as to different solutions, stating “Ingram Cove” is included in our plans in the future.


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