Important Lake Hopatcong Update from Princeton Hydro - HABs are Down

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As the Lake Hopatcong Commission conducted its standard meeting on June 8, 2020, one of the most important speakers was Fred S. Lubnow, Ph. D, Director of Aquatic Programs at Princeton Hydro that reported that Lake Hopatcong is in much better shape than last year.

Lake Hopatcong in a much better position this year - Last Year as the Lake was Closed around June-2019

Priceton Hydro Update 06 08 2020 VideoTesting continues on the lake with the second round of testing taking place on June 11, 2020. Initial testing in the lake found some areas (middle of the lake) are already going over last year’s HAB 20,000+ limits, which is only called a Watch now under the new 2020 DEP guidelines.

  • The Lake, in General, this year has less phosphate the main food of HABs
  • The fact that we are having nice sunny days with little run-off helps
  • This year we are finding that Crescent Cove is abnormally clear of HABs
  • The Lake, in general, is seeing more weeds due to clearer water and less HABs
  • Lake is not seeing the same level of phosphate observed last year, due to storm management, weather patterns, but this can change quickly
  • Water Clarity of the Water (Secchi Depth) continues to diminish in the mid-lake area

Battling two Fronts this Year – Less HABs and Greater Weeds!

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Princeton Hydro Presentation: To Lake Hopatcong Commission

HAB grant activities at Lake Hopatcong:

  • Biochar Installation - Training event on the 11th of June with towns and will follow up with building the structures and installing them in the selected locations. Identified as a permit by rule for installation.
  • Aqua-Filter / Biochar Project - Working with the subcontractor to schedule cleaning out the structure.
  • Cyanotoxin/algal monitoring event will occur in July; tentatively scheduled for the week of the 6th of July. Next water quality monitoring event will occur on the 11th of June
  • Ashley Cove - conducted the first monitoring event; retrieved the “rouge” Floating Wetland Islands; will conduct the first treatment of cove with PhosLock the week of the 15th of June.
  • PhosLock Treatment of Landing Area
  • Three Aeration Systems – working and beach club, 12th of June, and the treatment will be of June, dependent on weather.
  • GreenClean Treatment - working with CAPP beach club to determine when the treatment will be conducted.

See the Full Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting Video by Zoom Technology.


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