Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting: Quarry Testing – Drawdown – & More

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The Lake Hopatcong Commission (LHC) held their standard monthly meeting on November 12, 2019 at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Train Station.

During the meeting, the following three topics took the forefront of the discussion with the Lake Hopatcong Commission board members.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Lake Comm Movie 11 12 2019Due to recent incidents that occurred in October 2019 by the Quarry, the LHC is seeking the rental of an Air Monitoring device for a short period of time. The devices would be used to test the air quality near the Quarry after a blasting event. The LHC has put $750 aside for the rental, and they are actively reviewing quotes.

Discussion on the topic concluded as they reached an agreement to make sure that the DEP and other organizations would see the testing from LHC as valid and that the information could be used in the court of law, if necessary.

  1. The LHC board accepted the Princeton Hydro Bathymetic Survey Proposal that will test the cove near the Quarry against another similar cove. This will test for the difference in the rate of sedimentation.

    Note: Bathymetry is the measurement of the depth of water in oceans, rivers, or lakes. Bathymetric maps look a lot like topographic maps, which use lines to show the shape and elevation of land features.

  2. Work needs to be done on the setting of a standard across all four towns on limiting hard imporous surfaces that cause runoff, and the enforcement of those standards. The chairman recommended that they bring this up with the Mayors as they meet late November 2019.

Updates to the Board:

DEP / State Park Update:

  • HABs Advisory Lifted for all of Lake Hopatcong: On 10/25, the Lake Hopatcong advisory was lifted in the Prospect Point and Wood Port Bay area in the northeastern portion of the lake.  

Additional sampling was conducted due to observations of localized suspected HABs. Results for 5 locations now show cell counts lower than the health advisory guidance level.  As such, localized advisories for Lake Hopatcong are no longer recommended.

  • The 22” drawdown started on November 9, 2019. The lake will go through the drawdown until December 15, 2019. The board members discussed if the 22” drawdown is now the official standard (vs. old standard of 26”), what were the results of the pilot, and when the pilot was approved as the new standard.

Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) Update:

  • The LHF is filing for an EPA grant that could be up to a million dollars in funding for Lake Hopatcong. The rules bar the LHC from filing, but the LHF is able to submit on the behalf of the lake. The grants are normally for the Great Lakes and Florida, requirements of the grants are to prevent HABs, so Lake Hopatcong should be eligible. The grant filing is due early December 2019.

Chairman’s Update:

  • Mount Arlington has offered the LHC their old Telephone building for office usage. Only minor work needs to be performed to get the offices ready.
  • The LHC is still working on scheduling the visit from the Governor, which is still expected this month.


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