Matt Lotito brings Skylands Cycling to the Lake Loop 2019

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Matt Lotito is getting ready to participate in the Lake Loop again for his fifth year in the event that benefits the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.

Skylands Cycling In1This year several members of Skylands Cycling Club will be also participating in the event. At the time of this article, they have already raised $250.00 and seek to raise more before race day. “The foundation is very important to our lake and community. So, it’s the least I can do to come out for a nice ride, and a great after event party.” Stated Matt.


Matt Lotito - Skylands Cycling: “The Lake Loop always offers the best after event parties where we can just hang out and get to know people. Combine that with the great scenery during the bike ride, and you have a world-class event.”


Matt trains for most of the year riding the greater lake area, changing up the route almost daily to keep the ride interesting. “I really enjoy cycling as a way to keep fit, and when I’m not training, I’m riding with the Skylands Cycling Club.”

“While I rode my bike as a kid into my teens, I lost sight of riding after I learned to drive. Luckily a friend at work got me back into it and more specifically, into road cycling.”

Reminder: You have only one week to register and join Matt plus the other runners, walkers, and paddlers in the Lake Loop 2019.

Skylands Cycling Club

Skylands Cycling is a community-based [501(c)(3) – Non-Profit Public Organization] touring and racing club, centered in rural Sussex County, in northwest New Jersey. The club is run completely by volunteers with the mission: make bike riding as much fun and accessible as possible. We aim to accomplish this by offering a variety of bike riding opportunities in an environment of friendship and support that encourages men, women, and children to enjoy the benefits of biking through all stages of life. Awarded the USA Cycling Division III 2017 Club of the Year for its diverse contributions through cycling.

Skylands Cycling In2

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