Lake Hopatcong Commission: Short – Mid – Long Term Solutions

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On July 22, 2019, during the Lake Hopatcong Commission Special Meeting, Fred Lubnow Ph.D. from Princeton Hydro offered Short, Mid and Long Term Solutions based upon their involvement with Lake Hopatcong since the 1980’s.

The major two components to the talk are a review of the water testing year-to-date; and the short, interim and long term solutions.

  • LHC Solutions MovieWe have had harmful algae blooms in the past, but they were limited to the coves
  • In the 2000’s when the Lake Commission had funds, the overall water quality improved. Then when the grants expired in 2015 the phosphorus in the lake increased
  • The concentrations of phosphorus in June when over 0.04 which lead to the Harmful Algae Blooms, we have today.
  • Testing results on Station 10 (Quarry Steam) show the highest levels. We have to do a little more investigation, but this stream is producing the highest levels of phosphorus.

Four Point Strategy:

  1. Complete the Watershed Implementation Plan (Long Term)
  2. Implement Near Shore Demonstration Projects
  3. Get the Beach and Cove Members involved in implementation their own project(s)
  4. Scientific investigation into other areas of help (dredging etc) for Lake Hopatcong

Very preliminary cost for the plans are at over $4M

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