Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting: History of Lake Hopatcong

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On July 22, 2019, during the Lake Hopatcong Commission Special Meeting, the history of the lake was explored as it applied to the Harmful Algae Blooms and other issues.

Daniel L. McCarthy III, Esq. Commissioner Hopatcong Borough spoke on History of efforts to protect the lake. He also provided a recap on past organizations and work that was performed on Lake Hopatcong.

  • LHC History MovieFirst weed harvester started in 1979 as a prototype to show an alternative to chemicals. In 1984 it was expanded to three harvesters.

  • In 1999 due to a lack of State funding, the weeds became so bad boats could not use anywhere from Landing Channel to Bertrand Island.

  • It is acknowledged that the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (2012) seems to have the best staying power.

  • The current $500,000 in funding from the State is woefully inadequate to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

  • What needs to happen now – We need an immediate aggressive infusion of funding that is permanent. Please get involved and advocate for Lake Hopatcong – We need your help!

Marty Kane Lake Hopatcong Foundation

  • We didn’t get here because it happened overnight, there’s a long history and a lot of missed opportunities along the way. If we had been funded $1.5 million continuously over the years, we wouldn’t have these issues.

  • Facts on Lake Hopatcong: 9-miles long, 45-miles of shoreline; ~2,200 Homes (with less than 45% on sewers), ~13,000 boats.

  • Weed harvesters were an interim fix to the use of chemicals, they were never meant to be a long-term solution.
  • This time we have to get the solution right, we need State and Federal support.

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