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Lake Hopatcong Foundation Strategic Meeting – Video Summary in Six Areas

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The Lake Hopatcong Foundation once again invited its donors and the broader lake community to learn about the organization’s six recent accomplishments and 2019 plans at its Seventh Annual Meeting on May 3, 2019 at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Environmental and Cultural Center.

We have cut the meeting into the following six segments, so you can easily watch the shorten video of your choosing.


Segment 1 – Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Introductions (2:44)

V1The Lake Hopatcong Foundation takes the time to recognize everyone who contributes to helping with their overall mission.


Segment 2 – Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Mission/Values (3:01)

Modified Mission Statement that clearly calls out the responsibilities of (LHF), such as the Lake being a Public Resource, where a non-profit coming in and doing great things.

V2Sustainability speaks to sustaining the lake now and into the future though stewardship to ensure future generations can enjoy.


  1. Collaboration: With the four towns and bring the communities
  2. Actions: Taking the actions necessary
  3. Sustainability: As mentioned above sustaining the lake now and into the future
  4. Warmth: Show the best of ourselves to the community


Segment 3 – Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Strategic Goals (2:41)

V3We took feedback from focus groups that created five internal goals and seven external goals such as; Making Education self-supporting, expanding the education track to include more school grades (K-12 and Down). The development of Peak Performance Indicators that let us know who we are doing.

Overall, we have 33 Objectives for 2019 and 20 more for 2020.


Segment 4 – Lake Hopatcong Foundation – New Logo Design (1:47)

V4The Lake Hopatcong Foundation got a new logo overhaul where each color represents a part of the lake and our community. This will be the new logo moving forward.


Segment 5 – Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Achievements

Water scouts pulled out water chestnut 55 plaints, last summer, which means that we are doing a better job year-over-year.

V5Partnered with the Lake Hopatcong Commission to organize a lake-wide cleanup in conjunction with the 60-inch drawdown during which 442 volunteers logged an excess of 1200 hours collecting debris from 50+ access points around the lake. The dizzying amount of debris collected included 4,000 drink containers, 300 plastic bags, 175 toys, 150 articles of clothing and more than 800 tires.

  • Hand-pulled 55 invasive water chestnut plants with the assistance of our 26 volunteer Water Scouts, helping to protect the Lake Hopatcong ecosystem.
  • Educated 305 recreational lake users about the importance of proper vessel maintenance to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species to Lake Hopatcong through our Lake Steward Program.  Of those interviewed, 70% expressed interest in learning more about aquatic invasive species prevention.

Segment 6 – Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Education (3:03)

  • V6Field Trip 800 Students I 2018 and will be increased to 1,200 in 2019
  • Includes Floating Classroom Video
  • As mentioned before their educational objectives has this moving to include more school grades (K-12 and Down)


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