LHF 3rd Annual Native Plant Sale

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LHF| By Holly Odgers: The Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s 3rd annual native plant sale will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Lake Hopatcong Environmental and Cultural Center, 125 Landing Road, Landing.  

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved.  They are easier on the environment because they are adapted to the local landscape and generally require less water and little maintenance after they are established. Native plants also provide essential habitat and food for birds, native bees, butterflies, bats and many mammals.   By choosing native plants in your yard, you are not only helping wildlife, you are making choices that are beneficial to the health of Lake Hopatcong and its watershed. 

Here’s a great opportunity to try some new varieties!  There will be plant experts on hand to answer your questions and help you pick the perfect native plant for your home or garden.  Almost all of the plants offered at the sale are now growing in the garden outside of the Environmental and Cultural Center.

A large variety of quart size plants, all native to New Jersey will be available including:

Aster, Heart-Leaved
Aster, New England
Blue Baptisia
Butterfly Weed, Orange
Butterfly Weed, Pink
Cardinal Flower, Blue
Cohosh, Black
Cone Flower, Purple
Coreopsis, ‘Zagreb’
Jacob’s Ladder
Joe-Pye Weed
Labrador Tea
Liatris, ‘Kobold Original’
Milkweed, Common
Mountain Mint
New Jersey Tea
New York Ironweed
Phlox, Creeping
Phlox, Meadow
Primrose, Yellow
Rudbeckia, ‘Goldquelle’
Rudbeckia, ‘Goldstrum’
Rudbeckia, Narrow-Leaved
Shooting Stars, Pink
Sunflower, Ox-Eye
Toad Trillium, Red
Virginia Blue Bells
Wild Bergamont

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