Hopatcong Lake Starts on its Final Refill

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After the five-foot drawdown this fall, the Lake Hopatcong is making its way to the full nine-foot pool.

As several residents and business owners warned us last fall, a five-foot drawdown is very dangerous as you can never predict what moisture in the late winter and early spring can bring to the lake.

According to Bob Kays, the increase in the level is when the DEP Hopatcong State Park will reduce the outflow to 8.2cfs from 12cfs today.

The current conditions meet the criteria established as part of the pilot program for a reduced outflow of 8.2 cfs. The 8.2 cfs outflow may be maintained until April 30 provided stream gages remain above median levels and weather patterns, particularly temperatures, do not shift dramatically.

The bottom line is the lake is at eight-feet now and has only one more foot to go to reach the full nine-feet full poll level. So, keep your fingers crossed and start getting those boats ready for 2019.

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