Lake Hopatcong Foundation Reflects on 2018 Accomplishments

Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom

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Holly Odgers | LHF: It’s that time again, as the new year approaches, to take just a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year.
There were several big firsts in 2018, from launching the Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom to moving our office into the Lake Hopatcong Train Station, it was a busy and exciting year.  Below is an infographic and list of just a few of our accomplishments from 2018. It’s an impressive list that was only made possible by the support of our members, donors and volunteers, so please take a moment with us to appreciate all that has been accomplished.  Thank you so much for the positive impact you’ve made.

2018 Accomplishments


  • Partnered with the Lake Hopatcong Commission to organize a lake-wide cleanup in conjunction with the 60-inch drawdown during which 442 volunteers logged an excess of 1200 hours collecting debris from 50+ access points around the lake. The dizzying amount of debris collected included 4,000 drink containers, 300 plastic bags, 175 toys, 150 articles of clothing and more than 800 tires.
  • Hand-pulled 55 invasive water chestnut plants with the assistance of our 26 volunteer Water Scouts, helping to protect the Lake Hopatcong ecosystem.
  • Educated 305 recreational lake users about the importance of proper vessel maintenance to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species to Lake Hopatcong through our Lake Steward Program.  Of those interviewed, 70% expressed interest in learning more about aquatic invasive species prevention.


  • Launched the Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom to enhance our educational field trip program as well as provide education opportunities to the public.
  • Provided a hands-on, STEM-based educational field trip program to 776 area students highlighting the relationships between human actions and their effect on the environment in order to cultivate environmentally responsible behavior.
  • Introduced public education opportunities aboard the Lake Hopatcong Floating Classroom, providing an interactive experience to 159 members of the public to learn about freshwater ecology and how to help protect our lakes.
  • Awarded $2,000 in scholarships to two local graduating high school seniors who were furthering their education in fields related to lake environments, investing in our youth’s education as well as the future of Lake Hopatcong and other valuable freshwater resources.
  • Received the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commission’s Environmental Achievement Award “for outstanding accomplishment in local environmental protection” for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Floating Classroom.

Community and Historic Preservation

  • Completed the first stage of the Lake Hopatcong Train Station rehabilitation project, allowing our staff to move into our own office space just before the start of 2019.
  • Brought 2000+ visitors to Hopatcong State Park for the 2018 Lake Hopatcong Block Party, which featured 189 businesses and organizations from the lake area and celebrated all things Lake Hopatcong.  We couldn’t have done it without the 191 volunteers who helped make this summer kickoff event happen.

Public Safety

  • Distributed B-SAFE dock number signs, designed to help emergency personnel efficiently respond by land or water, to an additional 51 property owners, bringing the total percentage of lakefront coverage to 37%.
  • Conducted 16 days of Courtesy Patrols on busy summer weekends to spread the word about the “Lake Hopatcong for All” voluntary guidelines crafted to help maintain a safe, healthy and respectful lake environment for all.
  • Funded additional hours of weekend/evening police patrols on the lake, providing protection at times when there would otherwise be no coverage.


  • Maintained more than 11 miles of the Lake Hopatcong Trail with the assistance of 18 volunteer trail maintainers.  When completed, the Lake Hopatcong Trail will traverse approximately 40 miles through four towns, eventually encircling the lake.

THANK YOU! We are looking forward to an amazing 2019. We hope you will join us.



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