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Two more weeks before the lake begins to refill

Lake Hopatcong 60-inch drawdown

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LHF | By Holly Odgers:The five-year 60-inch drawdown will be coming to a close in a couple of weeks.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to tackle inspections or maintenance to any waterfront structures, now is the time! Residents can contact Hopatcong State Park at 973-398-7010 to inquire about projects that do or don’t require a permit.

According to the NJDEP’s Lake Hopatcong Water Level Management Plan, refill of the lake will begin on December 15 and continue until hard ice is formed on the lake, or the lake reaches the level of the regular drawdown of 26 inches.

The drawdown also allows for cleanup of the lakebed.  A lake-wide cleanup was completed on November 3, when more than 400 volunteers logged an excess of 1200 hours collecting debris from 50+ access points around the lake’s nearly 50 miles of shoreline. A dizzying amount of debris was collected, including 4,000 drink containers, 300 plastic bags, 175 toys, 150 articles of clothing and more than 800 tires. The unseemly assortment of items also featured patio furniture, bowling balls, vacuum cleaners, a canoe and a television.

More information about the five-year 60-inch drawdown can be found in NJDEP’s Lake Hopatcong Water Level Management Plan.  

You can view the current lake level HERE.

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