Nancy Brunner Races towards her fifth Lake Loop

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News had a chance to catch up with Nancy Brunner from Hopatcong, a seasoned expert in the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) Lake Loop, as this is her fifth year participating in the event.

Nancy who admits being a member of the over fifty club, stays active all year long with skiing in the Winter, Riding and Kayaking in the Summer, and hitting the gym in between all her other activities. “I personally feel that physical fitness is very important to my age group and I make this a priority in my life.”

It can be easily said that Nancy enjoys her riding as she started her training in May by doing 100 miles during the month. As summer hit her training grew into 200 miles per month as Nancy conditioned herself for the LHF Lake Loop and other riding events. “Riding is an excellent solo sport, and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do as you get into condition.” Added Nancy.

Nancy’s training course is based primarily on the LHF Lake Loop course. “I really like the LHF Lake Loop as it has a variety of different terrain, it is very scenic, and in some areas can be a little challenging to the rider, which is why I believe the LHF Lake Loop is so popular as most riders like this extra challenge.”

“I’ll personally have done both the 62- and 40-mile versions of the loop and find both enjoyable. New riders will find the course well marked, with plenty of assistance from fellow riders in case you start to go off-course.”

One of Nancy’s beloved things about the LHF Lake Loop is the rest stops as she knows several people at the stops, and it gives her a chance chat with friends and to fuel up with Lakeside Maple’s Granola, which has quickly become her favorite re-fueling snack.

“While I like the fact that the event isn’t timed since I take my time at the rest stops, I look forward to the new Strava timing that will take place on the hills. This gives you a chance to test yourself while not being competitive across the entire event. I placed first in Strava timing for my age group in another event, so it will be interesting to see what happens during this event. Additionally, I believe this timing will attract other riders into the LHF Lake Loop for the added challenge.”

“Lastly, I’d like to thank the Lake Hopatcong Foundation for everything that they do, I grew up next to a river that we couldn’t even swim in, so having a foundation overlooking the water quality and the overall lake means that we have a clean lake for our enjoyment now and in the future.”

You can support Nancy by donating here.

LHF Rating of Expertise Necessary:

20-mile course – Average Recreational Cyclist – Beyond just bike riding in your neighborhood, but most average, fit people who are comfortable on the bike can finish easily.

40-mile course – Challenge for Average Person: If you can do the 20-mile, and you have ridden this distances in the past, you can challenge yourself with the 40-mile option.

60-mile course – Experienced Cyclist: Includes all the hills plus 20 additional miles of very scenic terrain.

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