Lake Hopatcong Dock Numbers Saved Two Boaters this week!

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Tuesday, September 5, brought some dark and stormy weather. Lightning struck repeatedly followed by thunder that rumbled so loud you could feel it.  For two boaters caught in the storm, things quickly became disorienting and frightening.  

LHF Dock NumberThe boaters called the New Jersey State police for assistance.  Not having any idea where they were on the lake, the officer asked them if they could locate a dock number in their vicinity. The number closest to them just happened to be attached to the dock of Linda and Peter Karpiak.  Linda, an LHF supporter and volunteer, coincidentally served as the lead on the LHF dock numbering committee!  With the dock number as a reference point, the state police were able to quickly translate the street address to a water location and assist the boaters.

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation would like to thank the nearly 35% of lakefront property owners who have purchased B-SAFE dock numbers, the New Jersey State Police and our local first responders for their support of this important safety initiative. Dock numbers that were ordered in 2017 were mailed this week.  If you are interested in purchasing one, we will be taking orders again on our website in the spring.

From the Lake Hopatcong Foundation: B-SAFE everyone!

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