Lake Loop 2017: Bill Wooley shares Last Year's Experance & More

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The Lake Hopatcong Foundation Lake Loop (#LHFLL2017) provides something for everyone. Whether you do one, two or all three events, it’s a fun-filled day to get active and enjoy beautiful Lake Hopatcong. Ready to register?

Bill Wooley moved to New Jersey the day before last year’s LHF Lake Loop event and participated in all three categories.

“To launch my return to New Jersey, I’d registered for an event that looked like a fun opportunity to meet some people and learn about my new environs. Growing up in Morristown, I’d heard of Lake Hopatcong, but didn’t know much more than how to pronounce it. “Lake Loop 2016,” a get-fit fundraiser for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation, offered several sporting options and I boldly decided to try one from each category. Although I may have headed home with various aching muscles, I didn’t carry a single regret. I had raised a little money for a small but earnest non-profit organization working for the betterment of New Jersey’s largest lake. I had met some very dedicated volunteers and some very friendly event participants who, for some reason, didn’t appear to be as exhausted as I. I had some laughs, primarily at myself, and undoubtedly gained a much better idea of what locals mean when they say “rolling terrain.”

Visit Bill’s Crowdrise page and click on the first slide to get a rider’s perspective of a portion of the bike route. Here are the 20 mile, 40 mile and 62 mile maps (in case you want to ride the route ahead of time). You can also find the 2.5 mile paddle map and the 1.5 mile walk/run route. Do the trail route twice, and you will have done a 5K! Dogs are welcome on the dog walk portion (between 8am-10:30am) and your dog is welcome to join you on the paddle as well.  Register Now.


62 Mile Bike Course             8:00 am

40 Mile Bike Course             8:30 am

20 Mile Bike Course             9:00 am

Dog Walk                             8:00am – 10:30am  *Dogs must be off the course by 10:30am

5K Adventure Run/Walk    11:00am – 1:30pm

2.5 Mile Paddle                  12:00pm -3:00pm   *Last paddler in the water at 2pm

In Addition:

#Kindness for Christopher Rocks at Lake Loop 2017

We’re proud to announce that we will be sharing the inspirational message of the Kindness for Christopher movement as part of the LHF trail blazing initiative at the Boardwalk  Blast at Nolan’s Point hosted by on Sunday, September 3 (rain date Sunday, September 10) and at the LHF Lake Loop 2017 hosted by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation on Sunday, September 24.  We will be painting #kindnessforchristopher inspirational rocks at both events to be placed around the trail that the Lake Hopatcong Foundation is currently blazing through the Borough of Hopatcong. Please note: that rock painting will only be available to LHF Lake Loop participants on September 24. 

For more details on the trail, visit our trails page.  To learn more about Kindness for Christopher check out their Facebook page and share the page…share the movement… spread the kindness. Do one kind deed and post it on the Kindness for Christopher Facebook page to inspire others to do the same in Christopher’s memory. Be sure to use #KindnessForChristopher and #LHTrail so we can share the good vibes. 

Be sure to hike the LH trail, where you can leave your inspirational rock for others to find. When you find a rock, post on social media with #KindnessForChristopher and #LHTrail.

So come out and have some fun. It’s easy to register online. We’ll see YOU on September 24.

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