Chief of Police Jefferson Township Police Department - Pedestrian Safety

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Sean D. Conrad the Chief of Police for Jefferson Township Police Department provides information to keep residents safe during construction areas.

Work zone safety precautions...In township areas where road construction and road work is being conducted.

JeffersonConstruction Warning In2All recreational pedestrian traffic; i.e. jogging, walking, running, biking, dog walking and other types of pedestrian traffic should be refrained from to every extent possible.

Workers not knowing a pedestrian is in the area can invertedly move or maneuver a machine, vehicle, piece of equipment or a load can shift causing a fall or accident.

Someone can get hurt. It is strongly suggested that when you see a road closure with equipment, digging or vehicle operation in the roadway to go the other direction or detour your route another way avoiding the situation.

Only if it is extremely necessary to pass should you ask to do so with extreme caution and safety taking into consideration all the inherent risks.

JeffersonConstruction Warning In1We recognize that some people need to get from one place to another but if it is simply recreational activity, we recommend going the other way or detouring around until the roadway is clear from any equipment or hazard.

Thank you very much.

Sean D. Conrad - Chief of Police

Jefferson Township Police Department

1033 Weldon Rd.  Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849 

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