Hopatcong Farmers Market cancelation – Borough needs an e-mail Newsletter

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Hopatcong Farmers Market cancelled on September 4, 2016. Without notice to the residents!

Many of the residents on the west side of the Hopatcong Lake region rely on the farmers market to pick up those special things you just can’t buy anywhere else. Or, in my case, find the freshest farm produce possible for tonight’s dinner.

Hopatcong Farmersi MarketToday at 9:00 this morning there were ten cars in the parking lot, with everyone wondering where the farm market was this weekend. After returning home empty handed, I check the Borough website, and sure enough at some time someone posted a notice that the Hopatcong Market that this was canceled.

While we understood that a possible storm was due, here is a request from one person in the community.

Can we start a Hopatcong E-Mail Newsletter, where the residents can sign-up to be notified of new events? This would help the borough better communicate with the residents, and help with our overall communications.

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