New Mexican Restaurant Open in Hopatcong - Menu Now Added!

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It only took a couple of months since Small Fries went out of business that El Paraiso De Acapulco has opened in the same spot and is now open for business.

While we are waiting to talk to the owner, we can tell you this a sister location to the El Paraiso De Acapulco that labels itself as Mexican Restaurant · Fast Food Restaurant · Southern Restaurant.

The menu being handed out for the new location is VERY EXTENSIVE into multiple ranges of dishes, if you don’t have the chance to stop in for a menu, you can access and overview of the menu here.

We will report more as we are able to speak to the management.


Location: 22 Lakeside Blvd., Hopatcong

Phone: 973-288-1379

Website: Click Here


Overview of Food:

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